Galaen's Journal - The Fate of Vindicator Saruan

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AllianceGalaen's Journal - The Fate of Vindicator Saruan

18 (Requires 15)




+150 Exodar


A [18G] Matis the Cruel

The text of Galaen's Journal describes how both Galaen and Vindicator Saruan were beaten by Matis the Cruel, on orders from Sironas.


Take  [Galaen's Journal] to Vindicator Kuros at Blood Watch.


Your hands tremble as you pick up the book. Kuros must be told about this tragedy. Return the book to him.


What have you got there, <name>? Is that a journal?


<Kuros' face turns pale as he reads the journal; tears stream down his face.>

Saruan was my master... my teacher... my mentor... I took his place among the Triumvirate only recently - after we had given up searching for him.

<Kuros' face contorts in anger.>


A Hunter of the Hand spawns and runs up to Kuros, kneeling.
Hunter of the Hand says: I am at your service, my lord.
Vindicator Kuros says: I want all of your trackers out in search of the criminal, Matis the Cruel. I have given trusted agents of the Hand flare guns. Should you or one of your trackers see the flare, it means that an agent has found Matis and needs assistance. And remember, tracker, Matis is to be brought back to me alive.
The Hunter rises and bows.
Hunter of the Hand says: It will be done, my lord.
The Hunter walks a bit to the south.
Hunter of the Hand calls forth their bretheren[sic].
Six more Hunters run up to the first and kneel.
Hunter of the Hand says: Brothers and sisters, tonight we hunt! A blood elf known as Matis the Cruel must be brought to justice! The first to find him gets one week's vacation aboard the Exodar!
Hunter of the Hand says: Onward! The wilds of Bloodmyst await!
The others roar and run south after their commander and out of Blood Watch.



The quest starts when reading the jouranl inside the Cyro-Core[37.6, 61.2].

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