Gallywix Pleasure Palace

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Gallywix Pleasure Palace
The pool at the Pleasure Palace

The Gallywix Pleasure Palace is the residence of Trade Prince Gallywix, master of the Bilgewater Cartel. It is located on a secluded plateau in western Azshara, northeast of Talrendis Point.

The palace has an ocean view, grenade golf course, a secret booze cellar, a luxury pool,[1] a sauna, and is roamed by dozens of Jeweled Onyx Panthers that Gallywix ordered after they were discovered.[2] The booze cellar is not seen in the game.

Gallywix's location is unknown.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

The palace was infiltrated and robbed of a potion by the Shadowblade of the Uncrowned sent by Marin Noggenfogger.[3]

During the duration of quest, Palace Security Guards, Palace Mooks, Trixyni Rustclamp and Gallywix himself are in there. Izak and the waitress are present, but Donais is not.




  • Dave Maldonado was going to make the golf course playable (with exploding balls of course), but they ran out of time.[4]