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The Game Menu, often referred to as the options, can be accessed by either pressing 'Esc' or pushing the Micromenu options btn 32x24.png button on the Micro Menu.

Character selection screen only
  • Credits
  • Cinematics, see the movies released for WoW and its expansions.
  • Terms of Use
In-game only
  • Customer Support, also known as Help.
  • In-Game Store, known simply as Shop. This can also be accessed on the micro menu pushing the Micromenu shop btn 32x24.png button.
  • Interface, used to change nearly every type of interface window.
  • What's New, displays the new features/additions added to the game.
    • Character Boost, replaces What's New, displays only for newly created characters from a level 90 boost. This will change back to What's New once the character has unlocked the Garrison.
  • Key Bindings, which allow players to change what the keys do when pressed.
  • Macros, which can also be accessed by typing /m , allows players to create macros.
  • AddOns, allows players to enable/disable their current AddOns.
  • Logout, takes players to the Character selection screen.
  • System options, used for graphics and sound.
  • Exit Game



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