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Use your game controllers rather than the keyboard and mouse in World of Warcraft. A must for any die-hard fans that are developing carpal tunnel. ;) I have developed a WoW game-controller script written in a free scripting language called AutoHotKey ( AutoHotKey is scripting language specifically designed for using game controllers to control the keyboard and mouse.

Download the script and AutoHotKey at

Script's Header Info

Here is a copy of the script's header information...

Wow Joystick Control -- Written By: Naquada @ Version 7 - Probably Final Version

Based on: "Using a Joystick as a Mouse", an example script from

This script is designed to work with World of Warcraft. It requires a controller that has at least 10 Buttons, 2 Analog controls, and a up-down-left-right control. I personally use the Game-Electronics Wireless controller placed in Analog mode.

Operating Instructions - Just double-click on this file after installing AutoHotKey The right side analog controls the mouse, the left side analog and the up-down-left-right both control movement. Note: When moving diagonally you strafe, unless using the analog control in which case you only strave for about 45 degrees from top or bottom. Thanks to the example script, dropping and dragging is fully supported with the mouse control.

Button 1 -- Map (Sends the M keystroke once when pressed)

Button 2 -- Sit (sends the X keystroke once when pressed)

Button 3 -- Weapon Ready (Sends the Z keystroke once when pressed)

Button 4 -- Jump (Press and hold the Spacebar for as long as Button 4 is pressed)

Button 5 -- Mouse Wheel Down Once [ DEFAULT ], or Stationary Strafe Left

Button 6 -- Mouse Wheel Up Once [ DEFAULT ], or Stationary Strafe Right

Button 7 -- Right Mouse click

Button 8 -- Left Mouse Click

Button 9 -- Select Button - Sends "pcb{F11}{F10}"

Button 10 - Start - Sends the escape key

Hold down select and press button 1, 2, 3, and/or 4 and that Action Button is sent

Hold down select and press the start button and a {Tab} is sent

You can personalize various settings at the top of the script.


  • Neither AutoHotKey or the script above are specifically World of Warcraft AddOns.
  • AutoHotKey appears be a Windows-only program.
  • Script was last updated on March 1, 2007. Significant improvements have been added since this article was originally written.