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For the tortollan, see Gara (tortollan). For the orc, see Gara Skullcrush.
Image of Gara
Gender Female
Race Spirit wolf (Beast)
Level 90
Health 17,503
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Burial Fields, Shadowmoon Valley
Status Undead
Relative(s) Mother Om'ra (owner)
Pet family Spirit Beast
Gara tamed.
Gara tamed in the void realm.

Gara is a wolf located at the Burial Fields in Shadowmoon Valley. She died long ago along with her owner Mother Om'ra. When Ner'zhul and his clan started to practice shadow magic, Mother Om'ra was corrupted and Gara feared her. Her forlorn spirit returned to her owner's grave. When a beast master hunter pets her and shows her a  [Shadowberry]. If one creates a  [Spirit Effigy], they can return it to Om'ra's grave and redeem her. However, Xan does not approve of this and takes Gara as captive. After finding a  [Void Lantern], one can enter the void and find a Shadowmoon Voidblade in a tree next to Elodor. When entering the void, one must kill Elder Voidcallers and/or Elder Void Lords until Xan appears. Moments before he dies, he uses Consuming Void which corrupts Gara and the only way to save her is by taming her. After this, Mother Om'ra says her goodbyes and prays to see her again.




<The spirit wolf does not acknowledge your presence, and continues to stare blankly at a crude grave nearby.>

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