Gara'jal the Spiritbinder (tactics)

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For Gara'jal's background, see Gara'jal the Spiritbinder.
BossGara'jal the Spiritbinder
Image of Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zandalar tribe
Location Mogu'shan Vaults
Status Killable

Gara'jal the Spiritbinder is the third boss in Mogu'shan Vaults.


Adventure Guide

Leader of the Zandalar trolls' assault on the vaults, Gara'jal is determined to crack open this trove of ancient mystery and bring back whatever arcane power and knowledge he can find. Gifted with dark talents and surrounded by a loyal cadre of Zandalar mystics, he has broken through the outer walls and will not rest until the vaults belong to him.

Spells and Abilities

  • Spirit Totem Important — Gara'jal the Spiritbinder periodically summons a Spirit Totem at a random location.
  • Inv enchant voidsphere.png  Cross Over — Spirit Totems cause the nearest 3 players within 6.5 yards to cross over to the spirit world when they are destroyed. The process of Crossing Over leaves the victim with 30% of their current health.
  • Inv enchant voidsphere.png  Cross Over — Players use Spirit Totems to cross over into the spirit world. Players exist in the spirit world for 30 sec before returning to the real world and gain the ability Return Soul.
  • Ability shaman astralshift.png  Return Soul — Return Soul causes the player to return their soul to their body in the real world.
The Spirit World Deadly

Players crossing over to the Spirit World must return to the real world within 30 sec or die.

  • Ability mage tormentoftheweak.png  Frail Soul Heroic Difficulty Deadly — Returning to the real world from the Spirit World inflicts players with a Frail Soul for 30 sec. Attempting to cross into the Spirit World with a Frail Soul kills the player.
Spiritual Innervation Healer Alert

Healing a player in the Spirit World energizes their soul with Spiritual Innervation. The effect of Spiritual Innervation varies depending on the class and specialization of the healed player, and the effect grows as the player continues to receive heals.

  • Spell holy guardianspirit.png  Revitalized Spirit — When a player in the Spirit World is healed to full, their spirit is revitalized. Players with Revitalized Spirit gain the Return Soul ability.
    • Ability shaman astralshift.png  Return Soul — Return Soul causes the player to return their soul to their body in the real world.
  • Shadowy Minion — Shadowy Minions only exist in the Spirit World, but damage players in the real world with Spiritual Grasp.
    • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Spiritual Grasp — A Shadowy Minion reaches into the real world with a Spritual Grasp, inflicting 22500 to 27500 Shadow damage on a random player in the real world.
    • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Shadow Bolt — A Shadowy Minion fires a bolt at a random player in the Spirit World, inflicting 18500 to 21500 Shadow damage.
  • Trade archaeology troll voodoodoll.png  Voodoo Dolls — Gara'jal the Spiritbinder fixates on his current target, turning that player and 2 other players into Voodoo Dolls. A Voodoo Doll copies 70% of their damage received to all other Voodoo Dolls in the raid. The Voodoo Doll effect persists until either the victim perishes or Gara'jal the Spiritbinder banishes his fixated target to the Spirit World.Players turned into Voodoo Dolls cannot enter the Spirit World. In 25 player raids, Gara'jal chooses 3 other players from the raid to turn into Voodoo Dolls.
  • Inv enchant voidsphere.png  Banishment — Gara'jal the Spiritbinder banishes his current target to the Spirit World. While in the Spirit World, a Severer of Souls assaults the victim. In Normal Difficulty the Severer of Souls is only visible to the banished victim. In Heroic Difficulty, three Severers of Souls attack. One of these Severers of Souls is only visible to the banished victim. The other two are visible to the raid.
    • Severer of Souls — Severers of Souls attempt to tear apart the soul of Banished victims.
      • Spell priest voidshift.png  Soul Sever — If players do not defeat every Severer of Souls within 30 sec., the Banished victim dies.
      • Spell shadow shadowfury.png  Soul Explosion — The Severer of Souls' immense spiritual energy explodes outward at a random player in the real world. The Soul Explosion inflicts 27000 to 33000 Shadow Damage to the target and all players within 5 yards of them.
Shadowy Attacks

Gara'jal will periodically use the following attacks instead of his normal melee attacks:- Sweeping Kick- Hammer Fist- Right Cross- Left HookThese attacks inflict Shadow damage to the target and bypass any absorption effects.

  • Ability druid challangingroar.png  Frenzy — Gara'jal the Spiritbinder Frenzies when he reaches 20% remaining health, gaining 50% melee haste and inflicting 25% additional damage.Gara'jal the Spiritbinder also stops summoning Spirit Totems.
  • Spell shadow deathsembrace.png  Final Destination — After 6 minutes Gara'jal goes berserk and casts the spell Final Desination. Final Destination instantly kills all players.
  • Spell shadow deathsembrace.png  Final Destination — After 15 minutes Gara'jal goes berserk and casts the spell Final Desination. Final Destination instantly kills all players.


Gara'jal has a rather tight 6 minute hard enrage timer. Once the timer has runt out, Gara'jal casts Final Destination, instantly wiping your raid.


On 10-man mode, this is a two healer fight.

Assign two DPS and one healer who will get into the spirit realm each turn. Players get in the spirit realm by being nearby a totem and killing it. If any of those get the Voodoo Dolls debuff, other players should be assigned to replace them. It's recommended that a player who has been in the spirit realm stays one turn outside to DPS the boss as their DPS increases dramatically with the Spiritual Innervation buff. Players who get in the spirit realm needs to be healed to full health at least once or they can't get out. When the debuff from the spirit realm nears expiration, all players in the spirit realm should hit their extra action button to leave the realm. Failing to do so instantly kills the player. Getting out of the spirit realm can take 1-2 seconds, so don't wait too long. 3-5 seconds before the debuff expires is ideal.

Healers should focus on healing the 3 people in the spirit realm (themselves included) as much as possible during the 30 seconds in there, even if they are at full HP. All healing that healers receive grants them a substantial mana regen buff for a moderate duration once they leave, and all healing that DPS receive grants them a substantial DPS increasing buff. The potency of these buffs scales with how much healing that person received in the spirit realm.

It's important that players in the spirit realm kill as many spirits as possible while there - if too many are alive they will cause too much damage to the raid, usually resulting in a wipe.

Healers outside of the spirit realm should focus on intense raid healing to counter the damage from the spirits, and should focus specifically on the tank and the 2 other targets of Voodoo Doll, as they will be taking substantial damage. Absorption effects (ex. Power Word: Shield) cast on the tank will prevent damage to both the tank and the Voodoo Doll targets, and thus are effectively triple effective when used on the tank.

Once Gara'jal casts Voodoo Doll, he fixates on the tank he cast it on, so the offtank can taunt the boss at will to maintain a threat lead over the other DPS, as well as to generate moderate amounts of Vengeance for increased DPS. When a tank is banished to the spirit realm, the other tank will immediately gain aggro and within a second or two the Voodoo Doll debuff. The tank that was banished needs to kill the large add that spawns in the spirit realm to escape (failure to kill it in time results in instant death). DPS that are in the spirit realm can help kill this. Upon exiting the spirit realm, the tank should immediately taunt the boss to regain a threat lead over the DPS (the boss will remain on the other tank until the next banish, however, due to the fixate effect).

Success on this fight revolves around quickly and correctly assigning players to spirit totems, while avoiding the random Voodoo Doll debuff and Frail Soul debuff (heroic) and maximizing use of the Spiritual Innervation buff. The easiest way to accomplish this is for the raid leader to run the Gara'jalAnnounce addon, which computes and announces the optimal assignment as each totem spawns.

Once Gara'Jal reachs 20% remaining hp, he will enrage, increasing his damage by 20%. More important, he stops summoning spirit totems (note, any totems already summoned but not yet killed will remain usable), which means players will not be able to go to the spirit world for the remainder of the encounter and your raid will have to kill Gara'jal before the damage from Voodoo Dolls and the increasing numbers of Shadowy minions overwhelms your raid. This phase is ideal for [Heroism]/ [Bloodlust]/ [Time Warp].


Item Type
 [Sigil of Power] Quest item
 [Bindings of Ancient Spirits] (LFR · H) Spirit plate bracers
 [Bonded Soul Bracers] (LFR · H) Strength plate bracers
 [Circuit of the Frail Soul] (LFR · H) Spirit ring
 [Eye of the Ancient Spirit] (LFR · H) Spirit shield
 [Fetters of Death] (LFR · H) Agility mail belt
 [Gara'kal, Fist of the Spiritbinder] (LFR · H) Agility fist weapon
 [Leggings of Imprisoned Will] (LFR · H) Spirit mail leggings
 [Netherrealm Shoulderpads] (LFR · H) Agility leather shoulders
 [Sandals of the Severed Soul] (LFR · H) Spirit cloth boots
 [Shadowsummoner Spaulders] (LFR · H) Caster cloth shoulders
 [Sollerets of Spirit Splitting] (LFR · H) Tank plate boots
 [Soulgrasp Choker] (LFR · H) Strength DPS necklace
 [Spaulders of the Divided Mind] (LFR · H) Spirit leather shoulders

Related Achievements


No matter! We don't be needin' what's back dat way anyhow!
Now ya done made me angry.
Fine, den! Time to play... friends.
It be dyin' time, now!
Killing a player
  • Spirits be praised!
  • OH HO HO! Dat had ta hurt.
  • Ouch! Hehehe!
Enough! Off to de spirit world wit' ya!
Gara'jal falls to the ground, gasping in pain, before dying. His spirit floats from his corpse and hovers a few feet above his body.
Bah! Bested by de likes of you! What a shame for a Zandalari Priest ta endure.
But it ain't no ting. Take your trinkets; you'll be needin' dem.
A portal to the Spirit World opens behind Gara'jal's spirit.
I be goin' now; time ta find a new home for me soul.
Death be a doorway, an' time a window; I'll be back! AH-HAHAHAHAHAH!
Gara'jal disappears through the portal before it closes.


  • His final departing taunt is a paraphrase of the prophecy of Vigo the Carpathian, the main antagonist of the film Ghostbusters II.
Ray Stantz: And dig this, there was a prophecy. Just before his head died, his last words were "Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I'll be back."
  • As promised, Gara'jal returns to plague adventurers once more in the Throne of Thunder. His spirit represents the Zandalari tribe in the Council of Elders, and empowers each of the other elders during the fight.



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Patches and hotfixes

  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2012-10-16): "Gara'jal the Spiritbinder will now properly transport the target with the highest threat to the Spirit World."
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2012-10-10): "Gara'jal the Spiritbinder will now cast Final Destination correctly."
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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