Gargantuan Abyssal

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MobGargantuan Abyssal
Image of Gargantuan Abyssal
Race Abyssal (Demon)
Level 70 - 71 Elite
Health 44,430 - 149,951
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Arcatraz

Gargantuan Abyssals are abyssals in the Arcatraz.



  • Immune to Banish and Enslave
  • Meteor (10000 fire damage divided evenly among all players in the blast radius)
  • Fire Shield (Fire damage to anyone who strikes the caster in melee.)

Calls a meteor down on a targeted player for 10k fire damage divided by the number of players in the blast radius. Also has a fire shield that does about 200 damage to melee combatants so it is a good idea to stand just outside of his fire shield and only run in when he starts his meteor which takes about 2 seconds to cast. To make this more clear: the damage of the meteor is spread among party members, the more that get hit, the more the damage is spread (and lessened). Therefore, when the spell is cast it is recommended that the party is in a group to mitigate damage from about 10k to 1-2k each.

For unknown reasons, this mob is susceptible to fire, unlike other Infernals.


To allow everyone in the group to share the meteor and keep the casters out of the fire shield is to have the tank stand with his back to the group. The healer then stands about 5-6 yds behind the tank with everyone else in front of the healer or standing inside the healer. The aoe range of the meteor seems to be about 5 yds with the Abyssal's fire shield being about 3-4 yds so this keeps the casters just out of range.

Alternatively, watch the enemy cast bar for when the Abyssal begins to cast Meteor, have everyone move away from the area that they were standing in. The meteor will hit where your party used to be instead of where it is currently and no one will take damage from the meteor. This strategy seems much easier – my group wiped three times trying to do it with the "pile on" method, and had little problem doing it by just moving away.

Tank Tip

Despite their infernal nature, fire resistance gear doesn't do much to resist the fire shield or meteor. You are best off in full tanking gear. Although paladin tanks switching to fire resistance aura from devotion aura is recommended to further lessen the damage taken by your party members by the fire shield and meteor attacks, and it can be used instead of retribution aura without fear of losing aggro due to the fact you can cast exorcism on this mob.

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