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Garley's Journal is a readable book located inside Booty Bay, found under the stairs in the same room as the Blood Elf Garley Lightrider.


Garley's Journal

I have remained cautious not to touch the sample, to avoid contamination. This precaution has paid off, as my initial assessments lead me to believe that this item is of old god origin. Any contact with this artifact could have posed a great risk to my own well-being.

I hope I haven't been contaminated already.

It bears close resemblance to saronite, but lacks several key characteristics. The geography is all wrong, anyhow. Could there be an old god beneath the Eastern Kingdoms? Previous expeditions have never indicated as such, but then again, the cataclysmic events of Deathwing's return have revealed several hidden relics.

I am sending the sample on to Silvermoon City. They have better faciilities for protecting analysts from the harmful effects that this type of relic tends to emit.

In addition, I am hiding this journal where nobody can find it. If the Explorers' League were to get their hands on this information, the results would be catastrophic!

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