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At seemingly unpredictable intervals and following currently unknown triggers, characters with level-3 garrisons will be offered Garrison Campaign quest chains. Sometimes the quests can result in permanent upgrades to the garrison.

The Campaign

The Warlord's Council

Travel to Nagrand and investigate the Iron Horde's plans.

The Sargerei

Sabotage Socrethar's cultist camp in Shadowmoon Valley before he can open a demonic portal. The player gets a [Sargerei Disguise] pseudo-toy that lasts after the quest is complete (although it only works at Socrethar's Rise).

Darktide Roost

Travel to Shadowmoon Valley and assist Rexxar as he rescues local wildlife from enslavement by the Iron Horde.

Iron Siegeworks

Travel to the Iron Siegeworks and assist Gazlowe as he sabotages the Iron Horde's war effort and rescues his rival Thaelin Darkanvil. When you complete the chain you gain the use of a mole machine which teleports the player to their outpost in Gorgrond.

The Ring of Blood

Travel to Nagrand and earn the right to compete in the ogre's Ring of Blood.

Heart of the Breakers

Travel to Gorgrond with the help of Choluna and Thisalee Crow to get the  [Heart of Gorgorek].

A Strike at the Heart

Defend your garrison against the Burning Blade clan...

The Fall of Shattrath

Provoke a duel with Socrethar in Shattrath City.

Bloodmaul Compound

Rescue Owynn Graddock / Shadow Hunter Bwu'ja and steal the  [Soulgrinder].

The Broken Precipice

Rescue Greblin Fastfizzle and Dizzy Sparkshift from a failed "archaeology" reconnaissance at the Broken Precipice.

The Exarch's Call

Help Yrel become an Exarch.

Farseer's Rock

  1. H [100] Farseer's Rock
  2. H [100] Eaters of the Elements
  3. H [100] In the Shadow of Giants & H [100] Eatercology
  4. H [100] The Ascent
  5. H [100] Fury of Frostfire
  6. H [100] Ours is the Fury

Completing this chain rewards the [Firefury Totem] toy.

Primal Fury

This concludes the first arc of the Garrison Campaign. The campaign continues in the second arc added in patch 7.2.

In Pursuit of Gul'dan

All Hands On Deck & The Invasion of Tanaan

Bane of the Bleeding Hollow

The Fate of Teron'gor

Dark Ascension

The Cipher of Damnation

This concludes the second arc and the whole Garrison Campaign quest-line.

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