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Garrosh's Airship

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HordeGarrosh's Airship
Image of Garrosh's Airship
Race Zeppelin (Mechanical)
Level 85
Health 5,147
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Hellscream warfleet
Location Twilight Highlands
Status Destroyed

Garrosh's Airship is a Horde zeppelin that was part of the air fleet formed to fight in the Twilight Highlands along with Spear of Durotar, Heart of Orgrimmar, The Impervious, The Skyshredder, and The Indomitable. It was Garrosh Hellscream's personal ship, but despite his efforts it was destroyed by the twilight dragonflight before it could reach the naval fleet off the west coast of Dragonmaw Port.[1]


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