Gas Cloud (mob)

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MobGas Cloud
Image of Gas Cloud
Race Oozeling (Uncategorized)
Level 82
Health 395,290 (10-player Normal)
451,760 (10-player Heroic)
1,581,160 (25-player Normal)
1,976,450 (25-player Heroic)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Putricide's Laboratory of Alchemical Horrors and Fun, Icecrown Citadel

Gas Clouds are orange oozes that are summoned by Professor Putricide in Icecrown Citadel.


  • Gaseous Bloat-The Gas Cloud is fixated on the player with Gaseous Bloat. If he catches him it will cause him to cast Expunge Gas, inflicting damage to nearby players based on how bloated the player is.
    • Gaseous Bloat-Inflicts (1219 to 1281 10N) (1463 to 1537 10H and 25N) (1950 to 2050 25H) damage every 2 sec and if the Gas Cloud hits you it will expunge all of the remaining Gaseous Bloat and harm all nearby allies.


Although known as a gas cloud, it uses the oozeling model.

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