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AllianceGenn Greymane
Image of Genn Greymane
Title King, Lord,
King of Gilneas
Gender Male
Race Worgen (Humanoid)
Character class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Alliance and Kingdom of Gilneas
Former affiliation(s) Alliance of Lordaeron
Occupation King of Gilneas, Advisor to King Anduin[1]
Location Various
Status Alive
Relative(s) Archibald (father),[2] Mia (wife),[3] Liam (son),[4] Tess (daughter)[5]
A monster lurks in my veins... Threaten my people, and it will be the last thing you ever see.
— Genn Greymane[6][7]

Genn Greymane (sometimes spelled as "Graymane")[8] is the current King of Gilneas, and one of the original founders of the Alliance of Lordaeron.[9] He is a large bearish man, a brawny warrior with thick features, a heavy beard, and black and gray armor.[8] Greymane has also been noted for being stubborn,[10] proud, strong-willed, cunning, and arrogant.

During the Second War, Greymane met with the other human leaders at Capital City to hear of Stormwind's fall at the hands of the orcish Horde. Greymane joined the other human leaders in forming the Alliance of Lordaeron to counter the Horde threat, but due to his pride, he offered only token support.[2] After the conclusion of the Second War, Greymane chafed at using Gilnean taxes to help pay for the orc internment camps and Nethergarde Keep.[11] Greymane decided that Gilneas could not and would not pay for the wars of other nations, so he withdrew Gilneas from the Alliance, ordered the construction of the Greymane Wall and isolated Gilneas from the rest of the world.[2]

Around the time of the Third War, Greymane instructed Archmage Arugal, a Dalaran wizard loyal to Gilneas, to summon feral worgen to protect Gilneas from the Scourge threat. The plan backfired, and the worgen curse would eventually run rampant among the Gilnean population. In the time between the Third War and the War against the Lich King, the number of those afflicted with the Worgen curse had grown and were now attacking Gilneas City. To counter the threat, Greymane helped to defend the city and aided in the evacuation of citizens to Duskhaven. In the aftermath, Greymane faced the dual threats of the Cataclysm and the Forsaken invasion, culminating in the battle to retake Gilneas City from the Forsaken and witnessing the death of his son and heir, Liam.[12]

Humbled by his son's death and the devastation of his kingdom, Greymane accepted the aid of the night elves, who had offered to relocate Gilnean survivors to Darnassus. In a fit of stubbornness, Greymane was against formally rejoining the Alliance until he had almost lost his wife and daughter during the crossing.[2] After a short layover at Darnassus and reestablishing diplomatic ties with King Varian Wrynn, Greymane becomes a changed man. Greymane becomes a staunch supporter of the Alliance, adding the ferocity of the Gilneans to the considerable might of the Alliance, intent on one day reclaiming his lost kingdom.[7]


Early life

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Genn Greymane is the son of Archibald Greymane, the Gilnean king who lead Gilneas into its industrial age. From a young age, Greymane was taught by his father not to rely on others and that asking for help was a weakness, and this characteristic stuck with him throughout his life. Greymane had grown up with the man who would eventually become Baron Ashbury, and Ashbury's father was a member of Archibald's council of Lords that had helped Archibald build up Gilneas into the industrial nation it would become. Because of the closeness of the two families, Greymane was advised by Archibald to put his trust into the Ashbury family's fidelity to the crown.[2]

After Archibald's death, Greymane took the throne and led Gilneas much like his father had. At some point, Greymane met his wife, Mia, at the Royal Aderic Banquet. They had two children: Liam, his son and heir, and Tess, who would have died in infancy if not for the intervention of the Royal Chemist, Krennan Aranas.[5] Greymane was gruff with his children, and rarely told them he loved them.

Alliance of Lordaeron

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.
Genn Greymane during the Second War.

Prior to the Second War, Greymane was among the human leaders summoned to an emergency meeting at Capital City in Lordaeron by King Terenas Menethil II. Accompanied by a group of nobles including Baron Ashbury, Lord Vincent Godfrey, and Lord Darius Crowley, the youngest and newest of the council of Lords, Greymane listened to the plight of Anduin Lothar regarding the fall of Stormwind and the threat of the orcish Horde. Greymane dismissed these concerns, stating with confidence that the Gilnean army could withstand any threat. While most of the other heads of the human nations were in agreement that an alliance against the orcish invaders was needed, Greymane was hesitant about joining, and was difficult about it.[13]

After a polite state dinner with his fellow rulers, Greymane retired to his guest chambers for the evening to discuss the situation with his nobles. Crowley was enthusiastic about the prospect of an alliance, stating that sending the whole Gilnean army to aid their sister nations against the orcish threat would strengthen ties and it would help the people of Gilneas in the long run. Greymane felt Crowley was too naive and idealistic in this situation, and dismissed his ideas. Godfrey agreed with Crowley, but suggested that to stay in the good graces of their sister kingdoms for the benefit of trade and tariffs, they should only send a small token force instead of the whole Gilnean army. Baron Ashbury echoed Godfrey's sentiment, and Greymane stated that he would consider it.[2]

When the rulers of the human nations met again, Greymane voted to join the Alliance of Lordaeron, but Gilneas offered only token support. Thus, Gilneas was essentially separate from the Alliance of Lordaeron for the entirety of the Second War.

After the Second War, he was present at the meeting with other kings of the Alliance in Nethergarde. Greymane complained about the expenses of the keep, though the newly crowned King of Stormwind Varian Wrynn pointed out that a price couldn't be put on something as essential as their safety.[14]

After the betrayal of Aiden Perenolde, the ruler or Alterac, was revealed, Greymane had his eye on ruling the now-leaderless kingdom, even though he had no right to it. He supported the claim of Lord Perenolde's nephew, Isiden, to Alterac's throne.[15] Greymane almost fought with Admiral Daelin Proudmoore over the issue. Over time, due to mind control by the black dragon Deathwing, he grew to support Lord Daval Prestor (actually Deathwing in human form), in his bid for the throne. However, after Prestor vanished, Greymane continued to push Isiden's claim.

Genn was later present at Arthas Menethil's induction into the Knights of the Silver Hand ceremony in Stormwind.[16]

Seceding from the Alliance

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

After the war, Greymane chafed at having Gilnean taxes pay for orc internment camps and the construction of Nethergarde Keep. In a discussion with Godfrey, Greymane questioned the wisdom of listening to the advice of Crowley and Godfrey in joining the Alliance, stating that it had gotten them nothing but dead Gilneans. Greymane stated his plans to withdraw from the Alliance and wall off Gilneas from the rest of the world. Upon looking at the map of Gilneas Greymane had in front of them, Godfrey suggested the wall be built through Crowley's lands, in effect cutting off Pyrewood Village and Ambermill from the rest of the kingdom, as Crowley's lands had the mountains as a natural barrier the wall could be built into. Greymane agreed, and was confident that Crowley would understand his reasoning.[2]

Crowley did not take Greymane seceding from the Alliance and the building of the wall through his lands as well as Greymane hoped he would. Crowley started a rebellion against Greymane and his decision to secede from the Alliance, gathering likeminded Gilneans including his daughter Lorna and Tobias Mistmantle in forming the Northgate rebellion. The resulting civil war weakened the kingdom and split the populace into two groups, "royalist" and "rebel", labels that continued to spark fights years after the event ended. In an act of defiance against Greymane, it was Crowley that sent the group of soldiers known as the Gilneas Brigade to assist Lady Jaina Proudmoore during the Third War.[2]

Greymane was hurt that a man he considered his friend started an uprising against him, but did not blame him for it. Greymane's forces eventually captured Crowley and his followers and threw them in jail.[17]

Unleashing the Worgen

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

During the Third War, a massive sea of undead Scourge marched in waves upon the Greymane Wall. The Gilneans defended the wall for days, but for every undead that fell, another took its place. Greymane had secretly consulted with Kirin Tor Archmage Arugal, a Gilnean patriot who had discovered a way to summon worgen, feral creatures from another dimension, to use an instrument against the Scourge. Desperate to protect his people, and telling no one of his plan, Greymane ordered Arugal to summon the worgen in an effort to protect his nation. Yet the feral creatures soon spread their curse throughout the human population of Silverpine Forest, infecting Gilnean soldiers stationed beyond the Greymane Wall. Before long the affliction had advanced through the legendary barrier and was gradually eating away at Gilneas' humanity. As reports of strange attacks and disappearances rose, fear took root in the hearts of Greymane's people.

To counter the threat, Greymane and his nobles, including Godfrey, Ashbury and Lord Marley, would secretly hold hunting parties during the full moons into The Blackwald to track down and shoot any feral worgen they came across. During one of these trips, Greymane went ahead by himself in pursuit of a worgen and it ambushed him, biting him in the shoulder before he could shoot it and infecting him with the curse. Knowing that the nobles would shoot him as well if they saw the bite, something he would do himself and would expect no less of them, Greymane panicked. His jacket apparently not damaged, he wiped the blood from his shoulder then ripped off a piece of his satchel to stuff under the shoulder lining (presumably to absorb any bleeding and conceal any deformation of his shoulder) and pulled up the collar as high as it would go. As he hoped, his deception would prove successful.

Curse of the Worgen

WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft comics.
Greymane at Gilneas
Genn Greymane in Curse of the Worgen.

Genn Greymane has had his hands full since the Northgate rebellion had been resolved. He and his people are trapped: outside of Gilneas, the Forsaken are battering at the Greymane Wall in a bid to conquer their lands. Inside, there has been rumors of Crowley supporters reforming, the Starlight Slasher killings are becoming more frequent, and reports of livestock missing. Genn increases security through out Gilneas without compromising the security at the Greymane Wall and plans to issue a curfew to give him more time to find a more permanent solution for Gilneas' problems. He also learned about the apparent death of Halford Ramsey. Genn is sure that the perpetrator of the Starlight Slasher killings are worgen but tells the people of Gilneas that the increase security is due to renewed civil unrest from Crowley sympathizers. As time goes on, the Gilnean people become more afraid to leave their homes and the nobles become more anxious. Lord Godfrey, despite the other problems Gilneas is plagued with, is only concerned with the worgen and questions Genn on why he hasn't gone on a hunt with them lately. Godfrey questions if Genn has lost his edge after the civil war and asks Genn to let him take over so he can end the worgen threat. Genn however, feels that Godfrey's worgen hunting antics will incite panic among the populace who are already on edge due to the murders. Genn also knows that if Godfrey ever found out the truth about Genn and the worgen, he would rebel against him. Genn frequently hides away in his observatory in Greymane Manor, where his secret ally, Belysra, helps him control his worgen transformations and also tells him the origins of the worgen and the worgen curse.

Belysra, a night elven priestess, explained the origin of the worgen curse and offered up a partial cure. She explained to Greymane that the worgen released by Argual were once night elven druids who had fallen victim to a cursed and corrupted druid form around ten thousand years ago during a conflict known as the War of the Satyr. To contain the threat these druids posed, Malfurion Stormrage ordered them sealed into an eternal slumber in the Emerald Dream. Belysra explained that a night elven priestess ritual was a palliative method of letting infected Gilneans keep their minds intact while in their wolven form, but if the Gilnean still held onto guilt of any kind, he or she could not switch back into human form at will. Still keeping his infection hidden from even his family, Greymane had been letting her perform a compact version of this ritual on him. He also asks her to aid his friend, the alchemist Krennan Aranas, in making his experimental potion that will help stem the worgen transformation.

King Genn Greymane and a worgen pack.

Using a combination of Krennan Aranas' potions and Belryssa's use of Elune's Light and the worgen ceremony, Genn had managed to keep his worgen infection in check and a secret. Yet it was becoming more unlikely that he would be able to continue keeping up the facade. Genn considered granting his old friend Darius Crowley and his rebels amnesty and together they would be able to beat the worgen and the Forsaken, however, he was also wary of this as he feared that he and Darius wouldn't be able to put aside their differences.


Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
WoW-comic-logo-16x68.png This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft comics.
Genn fighting the worgen.
Genn in his observatory atop Greymane Manor.
King Genn Greymane and Vincent Godfrey on horseback in Gilneas City.

The Northgate rebellion left Gilneas in a weakened state, and the number of Gilneans infected with the Worgen curse rose to the point where feral worgen openly attacked Gilneas City. Greymane, his son Liam, and Lord Godfrey led the defense against the infected worgen, and Greymane decided that despite their differences, they needed Crowley to assist them, so Greymane arranged for Crowley's release. Upon his release, Crowley gathered some of his fellow rebels to the cause and let Greymane's forces make use of his hidden artillery stash.

During the chaos, the Royal Chemist, Krennan Aranas, was captured, and once he was secure, the order was given by Greymane to evacuate Gilneas City. Crowley and his men decided to stay behind to create a distraction so that Greymane could evacuate his people to safety in Duskhaven, where they lived in peace for a relative time. Lorna had received word her father was free, but Liam told her about the choice Darius made. Lorna pulled out her gun and took aim at Genn, cursing at him and believing this was his idea of revenge after the Northgate Rebellion. Liam restrained her, and a hysterical Lorna demanded she be let go to die with her father before she began to cry in Liam's arms.

During the Cataclysm, the barrier reefs protecting Gilneas shattered and parts of the Greymane Wall were exposed, allowing the Forsaken to invade Gilneas and take Gilneas City from the rampaging feral worgen.

Since evacuating Gilneas City, Greymane and Krennan Aranas have been working on a partial cure for the worgen curse. Greymane's forces have been capturing feral worgen and using their temporary cure to help the worgen regain their sanity. Godfrey raises objections as to the point of saving feral worgen, saying they are all beasts that should be shot, but Greymane overrides him and saves one such worgen from an executioner's blade by injecting them with a serum that gives them control of their minds, thus allowing them to retain some semblance of their humanity. When Forsaken ships arrive to bombard the town of Duskhaven, Genn orders Krennan to administer the potion to as many feral worgen as possible and leads the sane worgen in defending the town.

After the loss of Gilneas City, he retreats to Greymane Manor, where he tries to think of a plan to safeguard his people from the invading Forsaken navy forces. Tess reminded him of hope by showing him a  [Peacebloom]. When the Shattering sends Duskhaven underwater, he decides to move the evacuees further inland and sends the Gilnean survivors towards Stormglen in stagecoaches.

He later journeys to Tal'doren, the home of the Gilnean worgen who underwent the ritual, and reunites with the now worgen Lord Darius Crowley and his army of worgen. Greymane and Godfrey wished for Crowley and his worgen to join forces against the Forsaken. Crowley remained skeptical of joining forces with Greymane, especially alongside Godfrey, who had a noted prejudice against those afflicted with the worgen curse. Greymane replied that he came to Crowley as an equal, and revealed to Crowley and Godfrey that he too was affected by the curse. Satisfied with the answer, Crowley pledged his help against the Forsaken, and together, the two united Gilneas against the Forsaken invasion. They also secured help from the night elves native to the Gilneas area.

Genn in his worgen form.

Having learned of Greymane's worgen affliction, Lord Godfrey and his supporters Lord Walden and Baron Ashbury betray Gilneas by attempting to turn Greymane over to the Forsaken and held him hostage at Tempest's Reach. Under orders from Krennan Aranas, Walden and Ashbury were killed, Greymane was rescued and Lord Godfrey's machinations were foiled by adventurers. Instead of letting himself be arrested for treason, Godfrey killed himself, stating he'd rather die than have a worgen as his king. Days later, observing Gilneas City, he told Liam the truth about how the curse spread and revealed him that he was bitten. Liam was fine with the revelations thus ending the emotional rift between the son and father. Greymane decided to stop concealing his infection and let his people know that he too was afflicted by the curse, and the Gilnean people accepted him and rallied to him when he called for a united counter attack against the Forsaken.[18]

Greymane participated in the Battle of Gilneas City in order to reclaim the city from the Forsaken, personally calling out and attacking Sylvanas Windrunner, the leader of the Forsaken. During the ensuing battle, his son Liam Greymane is killed by a poisoned arrow from Sylvanas Windrunner that was intended for Greymane. Greymane, Crowley and Lorna Crowley had a funeral ceremony for Liam at Aderic's Repose shortly before the majority of the Gilnean population was forced to leave in a mass exodus of Gilneas because of the information that Sylvanas is going to use the Plague, Crowley and any remaining militant forces remained behind, forming the Gilneas Liberation Front in an attempt to rout the Forsaken out of Gilneas.


Using resources provided to them by their night elven allies, Greymane and Gilnean citizens boarded ships headed for the night elf capital of Darnassus. Greymane boarded one ship, and his wife Mia and daughter Tess were aboard Elune's Radiance. Due to the Cataclysm, the crossing was overtaken by a powerful storm. During the trip, Greymane suffered from guilt over the choices he had made, which cost him his country and his son, and chafed when captain Talar Oaktalon suggested that Gilneas join the Alliance. When Elune's Radiance was damaged and began to sink, Greymane shifted into worgen form and joined the rescue parties from his ship and rescued his wife, who had a broken leg, and his daughter, who had refused to leave her mother. Genn was sucked under with the ship, but Oaktalon managed to save him at the last moment. After everyone was safe, Greymane reconsidered his position of joining the Alliance.[2]

For a short time after the fall of Gilneas, Greymane is present at the Howling Oak in Darnassus, where the surviving Gilneans have resettled. Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage, the night elven leaders, welcome Greymane and the Gilnean survivors to Darnassus, and he instructs the survivors to assist the night elves in any way they can as repayment for the help they had given the Gilnean nation.

Later, the Front would succeed in securing the mainland with aid from the Alliance and Bloodfang allies, Greymane has yet to make any decisions on the future of his people's land. However, with the coast being contested and the push into Silverpine having failed, it is doubtful Genn would allow the populous to return just yet.


WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

With Gilneas' induction into the Alliance dependent on the approval of the other Alliance representatives, Genn had given his word to Archdruid Malfurion that he would give his best impression to the Alliance dignitaries. When Genn Greymane made his introduction at the welcoming banquet, he admitted to the Alliance representatives that walling off his kingdom was a mistake and that he thanks the Alliance for giving Gilneas a second chance. The Alliance dignitaries generally seem accepting of Greymane's apology and the banquet started off pleasant. Yet the situation became tense with Varian Wrynn's arrival. As Genn was telling the tales of his victories against the Horde during the banquet, Varian Wrynn arrived and mocked Gilneas. Varian insulted Gilneas by implying that they were pathetic cowards and weaklings. Despite the insults to him and his people, Genn held his anger in check and tried to persuade the king of Stormwind that Gilneas has changed, and that they are now ready to be staunch supporters of the Alliance. Varian Wrynn however, was still bitter over Gilneas' abandonment of the Alliance during their hour of need during the Third War. Varian denounced Gilneas as an ally and absolved himself of any association with the desperate nation. Despite the awful first encounter, Genn would later reveal that he noticed Goldrinn's presence around Varian when they first met; which is why he still held out hope that Varian would later change his mind.

During the summit, Genn demonstrated Gilneas' military might and the supernatural strength of the worgen form to show what it could provide to the Alliance. The Alliance approved of the benefits and many began to support Gilneas' readmission. Despite this, Varian Wrynn stood up and made an announcement. Although he acknowledges the benefits Gilneas could bring to the Alliance, he points out that he could never trust nor forgive Gilneas for abandoning them in their hour of need during the Third War. Varian declared that the Alliance has no need for such fair weather friends and would never consent to allowing such mongrels into the Alliance. This left the summit in an uproar and effectively ruined any chance Gilneas had of joining the Alliance. Genn left the summit angry and disappointed in Varian.

Genn later encountered Varian again when Malfurion lured Varian into the worgen's hunting grounds. An argument was sparked between Varian and Genn about who was the better hunter. Malfurion proposed a hunting challenge to settle the matter. While chasing a boar however, they inadvertently agitated a giant bear. With one of Genn's subjects in danger, the Gilnean king and the king of Stormwind worked together to kill the giant bear, with Varian landing a killing blow to the bear's neck with his hunting knife. Genn and his worgen honored Varian for his kill, though he didn't stay around to accept it as he snuck off to self reflect in the woods.

After much self reflection, Varian sought Genn out again just as he was about to depart from Darnassus. Varian asked him for his help in how to better control his rage. Genn led him to the Howling Oak where he showed him the night elf ritual that allowed the worgen to control their bestial fury. Though he did warn him that not all survived the trials the ritual entailed and some had to be put down since they lost themselves to their worgen nature, Varian decided to go through with it. To Genn's surprise, it was recommended for Varian's ritual that he drink the waters from the Wells of Tranquility, Balance, and Fury all at once instead of separately, which Varian did.

Genn guided Varian to recall the most relevant moments in his life and the choices that led up to it. After Varian underwent the ritual and mastered his rage, Varian heard Goldrinn howling in approval and he awakened, with Genn and the worgen watching in awe as the aura of Goldrinn envelops him. Without a shadow of a doubt, Varian was indeed Goldrinn's champion. Varian told Genn to gather his worgen, as he was determined to do battle with his enemy, Garrosh Hellscream.

Having gathered the worgen and his forces, Varian mobilized his forces through Ashenvale and reinforced the Alliance forces battling there with Garrosh Hellscream's Horde. Genn and his worgen supported Varian as he led the charge against the Horde. The worgen were instrumental in routing the Horde and killing several massive magnataur that the Horde had captured in Northrend. With the worgen reinforcements and Varian Wrynn's leadership, the tide of battle turned and the Alliance were able to drive out the invading Horde army.

In the aftermath of the battle Varian was honored as the hero of the battle for Ashenvale and Goldrinn's favored champion. Varian later called for a second Alliance summit, this time being a proponent for the induction of Gilneas and the worgen into the Alliance. After Gilneas was officially voted into the Alliance, Varian spoke of how many threats have arisen to challenge the Alliance and disrupt the peace that they worked so hard to attain. The Horde has threatened the Alliance and now more than ever, it needs to band together and match their enemies' fury and energy in order to survive in this new Azeroth that Deathwing created. With the worgen at their side, Varian assures his allies that the Alliance will prevail and will do so with honor.[19]


Greymane later journeys to Stormwind City to aid Varian Wrynn with Alliance military operations and assisting in Gilnean reclamation efforts. Greymane remains at the side of Wrynn and his son Anduin in the throne room of Stormwind Keep. Gwen Armstead, the mayor of Duskhaven, takes Greymane's place in Darnassus.

Genn in Shrine of Seven Stars (old model).

Genn makes brief appearance as being present at the meeting of the Honor Delegation and Varian Wrynn in the Throne Room.[20]

Tides of War

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

When Theramore was in danger of being invaded by the Horde, Varian Wrynn assured Jaina that he would request Genn's help.[21]

Genn was present during a meeting with Varian and other Alliance leaders or ambassadors to decide on the best way to destroy the Horde's blockade around Kalimdor. He suggested tricking the Horde into believing they would liberate Feathermoon Stronghold.[22]

Pandaren Conflict

Genn is seen in the Shrine of Seven Stars, where the Alliance dignitaries and allies discuss the pros and cons of using Sha power. Genn was awed by the Sha's horrific power.[23]

While Genn is not present in the Siege of Orgrimmar, he can be seen in a vision of an alternate timeline where he is present with the leaders of the Alliance and Horde observing Garrosh's body.[24]

Genn was present at the trial of Garrosh Hellscream. He chose his worgen form and at one point he accused the Horde and wanted to put all its leaders on trial.[25]


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

In recent years, the grizzled ruler of Gilneas has suffered many hardships: his son and his nation fell to the Banshee Queen Sylvanas and her Forsaken, and he nearly lost his humanity to the worgen curse. Yet from these tragedies, Genn has found new strength and courage. He is determined to fight tooth and claw against any enemy that threatens the safety of the Alliance.[26]

Genn Greymane witnessing Sylvanas' retreat.

Shortly before the Burning Legion's third invasion, Genn left Stormwind Keep.

Genn and Varian before retreating.
Genn Greymane offers his hand to Varian Wrynn during the Battle for the Broken Shore.

Genn participated in the Battle for the Broken Shore alongside Jaina Proudmoore, Gelbin Mekkatorque, and Alliance adventurers, personally leading a squad of Gilnean Royal Guards. Going as reinforcements, the team came to Varian's aid, and faced Gul'dan as he reached the Tomb of Sargeras, along with the demons he summoned. Varian calls in an Alliance gunship and orders Genn to advance to Sylvanas Windrunner and instruct her to clear the skies. Yet before he could carry out his task, Sylvanas uses her war horn to signal the Horde forces to quit the field, leaving Genn livid over their abandonment. Without the Horde's support, the Alliance would be overrun and thus Genn urges Varian to order a retreat. Varian orders all Alliance forces to fallback on the gunship. As it takes off, however, Gul'dan summons an immense Fel Reaver through the portal, which grabs onto the airship, causing it to tip and send many Alliance soldiers plummeting to their deaths. Genn turns human again and reaches out his hand to pull Varian into the gunship but instead of handing him his hand, Varian passes a letter he wrote to his son and asks Genn to deliver it to Anduin. Genn nods at his request and watches Varian dive to slay the Fel Reaver impeding their escape while Genn orders the gunship to depart. Varian made a valiant last stand against the demons, killing several of them, until he was finally subdued. Genn screamed in anguish after he watched Gul'dan execute Varian with overwhelming fel magic.

Genn Greymane with Tinkmaster Overspark upon the Skyfire, just before opening fire on Sylvanas' fleet.
Genn Greymane's appearance in Legion.

After the battle ended with Varian's death, Genn and Jaina held the Horde responsible for the disaster and resolved to avenge Varian. Genn did not attend Varian's funeral because he could not bring himself to face Anduin, and he asks an adventurer to deliver a letter to the new king that had been written by Varian while he prepares the Skyfire to take off with his Gilnean forces. Genn himself tells the adventurer that a rage has taken over him, and he is determined to get his vengeance against the Forsaken.[27]

After Varian's death, Genn becomes the leader of the Alliance forces on the Broken Isles, having instructed the Gilneas Brigade to establish Greywatch to secure Stormheim from threats. Genn's Gilnean forces are supplemented by 7th Legion and SI:7 on the Skyfire as they undertake an official mission by King Anduin Wrynn to escort Alliance champions to Stormheim and aid them in obtaining the  [Aegis of Aggramar]. Unofficially though, after receiving intelligence of suspicious Horde activity, the Skyfire has been tracking Sylvanas Windrunner's fleet. Genn Greymane and Sky Admiral Rogers, who believed Sylvanas herself was a passenger on one of the ships, chose to attack the fleet. Unable to make contact with the rest of the Alliance fleet, the Skyfire proceeded with their assault.[28] Though their forces managed to board the Forsaken's ships and kill their captains, when they boarded the royal flagship, the Alliance discovered that Sylvanas had already left the ship and that Nathanos Blightcaller was leading a Horde force to sabotage the Skyfire. Genn would face off against Nathanos himself during the defense of the ship, who goaded Genn to fight him using his worgen form.

Greymane gained the upper hand and managed to wound Nathanos,[29] but the battle abruptly ended as the Skyfire was sabotaged by Forsaken boarders and crashed on Stormheim. The Skyfire was destroyed but its crew was able to evacuate before the crash and rallied in the Skyfire Triage Camp while combating the Horde. The Skyfire survivors were evacuated to Greywatch[30] where Genn Greymane oversees the campaign to acquire the  [Aegis of Aggramar] and hunt for Sylvanas.

While Alliance adventurers pursue the Aegis, Genn uncovers that the Forsaken means to plague Greywatch like they did Gilneas. Greymane commands his forces to destroy the plague caches and the invading Forsaken apothecary to secure Greywatch and later sends Lorna Crowley to uncover what Sylvanas seeks in Skold-Ashil. As Lorna discovers that Sylvanas means to create more Val'kyr by subjugating Eyir, Genn musters the Alliance fleet in trying to assault Dreadwake's Landing. The battle at Greymane's Offensive goes poorly and his offensive is repelled. After hearing news of Lorna's intelligence, Genn personally goes to the vault in Skold-Ashil to confront Sylvanas.

At the vault, Sylvanas uses a magical lantern called the Soulcage to bind Eyir and tortures the val'kyr to obey her commands. Genn lets out a beastly howl and speaks to Sylvanas in a menacing tone from the shadows. Genn tells Sylvanas her quest for immortality has left her vulnerable and cries out that he will have his vengeance on her as he pounces at her from the ceiling. He declares he will avenge Varian, Gilneas, and his son as he strikes at her; eventually knocking her down. Genn then charges at her but Sylvanas evades him and shoots a poisoned arrow at his shoulder, thus turning Genn human. Sylvanas taunts Genn by saying she overestimated him, and calling him an "old wolf". Genn then reveals that he stole Sylvanas' magical lantern during his last charge and smashes it on the ground, thus freeing Eyir. Sylvanas watched in shock and anger as Eyir is released from her binds and disappears. Genn walks out of the vault, snapping the shaft of Sylvanas' poisoned arrow lodged in his shoulder, and tells Sylvanas that since she stole his son's future, he now took hers. Genn is recovered by Lorna and the Gilneas Brigade and is treated for the poison back at Greywatch.

He later appears (vocally, not physically) when the player assaults any Warden Towers, giving them orders on capturing the tower for Gilneas, and commending them when they are successful.

The Compass

Before the campaign on Pandaria, Anduin made a compass for his father's birthday. Varian would keep it close to him until the end. When the Legion attack Varian's airship during the Burning Legion's third invasion, the airship fell into the water and Varian with it. As he slowly was drowning, Varian accidentally dropped the compass into the sea.

When an Alliance hero was skulking around the monsters of the sea of the Broken Shore, a glittering spark caught their attention. Swimming to the bottom of the sea, they found that it was a compass with a picture of Anduin inside. Although it has long stopped working, whatever remained of the portrait inside could clearly be identified as Anduin. Thinking it was important, the adventurer brought the compass to the king. Anduin was stunned and realized that he didn't have time to morn after his father passed away. The king thanks the adventurer.

All would be quiet, until Genn called for the same adventurer to meet him in the keep. Genn mentions that the king had not been the same ever since the adventurer brought him the compass back, mentioning that Anduin had become listless and distracted. Genn sends two guards to surveil him and they said that the king had been praying at the Cathedral of Light. He asks the adventurer to remedy his melancholy by going to the king and convince him to resume his duties.

After returning to the keep, Anduin finds Genn and Velen discussing him. Velen holds Anduin in high regard saying that a vision showed him becoming a great leader. Genn on the other hand feels that Anduin doesn't have the mettle to succeed, for he doesn't have the experience of the Broken Shore and how the compass easily broke his spirit.

At Wrynnfall in front of the Tomb of Sargeras, Genn shows Velen the site of Varian's death, and Velen comments that Anduin does not know the Legion like they do. Anduin arrives, much to Genn's initial shock but it quickly becomes sorrow, and Anduin reveals his worries and doubts about living up to his father's legacy. The young king finds one of the two blades comprising his father's sword Shalamayne under the ash and sand and falls to his knees. Genn kneels before a despairing Anduin to speak to him face-to-face and tells him how Varian's heroic actions were a challenge to them to never let fear prevail, even at the very gates of hell. With encouragement from Genn and a vision of his father, Anduin finds renewed hope and the sword begins to glow in his hands.[31]

The Wound

Sargeras, lord of the Burning Legion, was eventually defeated, but not before he managed to wound Azeroth greatly in Silithus. Despite their losses, Anduin gave a hopeful speech at Lion's Rest in Stormwind to the Alliance, with Genn watching him from the back of the crowd while smiling proudly. Master Mathias Shaw of SI:7 approached Genn and told him that he needed to speak with the High King immediately. As Genn and Shaw walked off, Anduin saw them and quickly ended his speech. Away from the crowds, Shaw reported that many goblins had been digging up a mysterious new substance in Silithus. Though they did not know what this substance was, it seemed that the Horde did know. Anduin said they had to learn more, and Shaw assured him that SI:7 was already on it.[32]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content exclusive to Battle for Azeroth.
Anduin and Greymane overseers the battle.
"Ours is a cycle of hatred; alliances forged and broken. We have paid the price for sharing this world and we have forgotten what makes us strong."
Sylvanas Windrunner[33]

Genn Greymane participated in the siege of Capital City, acting as High King Anduin's general. The Alliance forces managed to corner the Horde in Capital City, which they began to besiege. The battle was turning in the Alliance's favor until Warchief Sylvanas launched a devastating counter-attack on an Alliance siege weapon, which rallied the Horde in driving back the Alliance. Anduin then ordered his forces to push forward but was knocked down by Varok Saurfang during the Alliance charge. Greymane swatted aside the orc leader before trying to help Anduin but was incapacitated by a troll shaman. Seeing his army wavering, King Wrynn then conjured a massive dome of light to heal his forces, including Greymane. After the dome ceased, he regrouped his reinvigorated forces and told his men to stand united for the Alliance, with both Horde and Alliance resuming the battle.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
A [110] Summons to the Keep  ?? 2,301,174
Stormwind Embassy  ?? 2,941,958
Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Gilneas City  ?? 186 - 300,570
Darnassus  ?? 64,996,800
Stormwind Keep  ?? 64,996,800
Elwynn Forest (Wickerman Festival)  ?? 64,996,800
Shrine of Seven Stars (quest)  ?? 64,996,800
A [98] The Battle for Broken Shore  ?? 299,132,002
Stormwind  ?? 1,093,088
A [100 - 110] Making the Rounds 106 6,270,570
Cove of Nashal 100 3,365,231
Cove of Nashal 100 - 106 2,019,139


Worgen Storyline

Legion Pre-event


Anduin's compass


Genn Greymane fights alongside Varian Wrynn at Stormwind Keep. Only Varian's death is needed for the  For the Horde! achievement.

  • Ability warrior charge.png  Jump Attack — 5 - 30 yrd range. Jumps at the target, inflicting 120% weapon damage.
  • Ability golemthunderclap.png  Intimidating Roar — 10 yrd range. Roars at an enemy, paralyzing it with terror for 4 sec. and causing all other nearby enemies to flee in fear.
  • Ability hunter pet wolf.png  Horrifying Howl — Melee range. Reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20% for 15 sec. 30 sec cooldown.
  • Inv axe 66.png  Shattering Throw — 30 yrd range. Throws your weapon at the enemy causing weapon damage and reducing the armor on the target by 20% for 10 sec. 1.5 sec cast. 5 sec cooldown.
  • Spell nature thunderclap.png  Thunderclap — Melee range. Inflicts 14062 to 15937 Nature damage to nearby enemies, increasing the time between their attacks by 100% and slowing their movement by 60% for 8 sec.


The people of the Alliance remember the king of Gilneas as a proud, strong-willed, cunning, and arrogant man. He and his armies stood by the Alliance during the Second War, but in the aftermath it became clear to Genn Greymane that the Alliance needed Gilneas more than Gilneas needed the Alliance. He ordered that the Greymane Wall be closed to all outsiders, effectively sealing off his kingdom from the outside world and its conflicts. But fate, it seems, was intent on teaching the king a lesson in humility: although the wall succeeded in isolating Gilneas from the rest of the world, it also served to damn the kingdom's people forever. As the worgen curse swept the nation and early attempts at containment failed, Greymane found himself fighting a battle for his people's very humanity.[34]

Interview with James Waugh

Genn's personality in-game seems drastically different from that shown in the novels, appearing as a kinder, understanding ruler instead of the gruff, impatient king. This was addressed and explained during an interview:

I had a question about Genn, because I was wondering how early you decided to change Genn from more of a, lets be honest, before this comic he was kind of a jerk.
James Waugh: "I think you're dead on. And then when suddenly had to make a character that was going to be a racial leader, do we want that same guy that was a complete jerk? And to be honest, some of that just fell to the themes that are present in Gilneas. It's a culture that walled itself off from the rest of the world. Previously we had a said this was just to protect themselves(The Gilneans). But what kind of culture breeds a decision like that? So, to me it wasn't so much that Genn was a jerk but he was just self-reliant. He believes in the superiority of his people, the strength of his people and not asking others for help. That is a sign of weakness. His father Archibald came out of that and there's a character there. It, in a way, defined the ideals of the Gilneas culture. Because they are very advanced, it's very Victorian. They seem to have industry there, that ethos builds that industry. So he was prideful, but he gets put in a place. And that was really the point of the short story I wrote. He has to relook at his entire values. His culture has to look at its entire values system, and in that way we can make him more relatable."[35]


Day of the Dragon

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.
  • "If you don't like the sound of my voice, Lord Admiral, good steel can always make certain you never hear it—or anything else—again."[36]

World of Warcraft

  • "Pah, the fountains in Gilneas could grant ten times as many wishes as Dalaran's!" ( [Genn's Copper Coin])
Main article: Quest:Time to Regroup#Notes
Main article: Quest:Last Chance at Humanity#Notes
Main article: Quest:Neither Human Nor Beast#Notes
Main article: Quest:The Battle for Gilneas City#Notes
Main article: Quest:Patriarch's Blessing#Notes
Main article: Quest:The Battle for Broken Shore (Alliance)#Notes
Main article: Quest:Making the Rounds (Alliance)#Notes
Main article: Quest:Consoling the King#Notes
Main article: Quest:A Kingdom's Heart#Notes
Main article: Quest:The King's Path#Notes
  • Gilneas will rise again!
  • For Gilneas!
  • Gilneas will prevail!
  • My people have suffered so long... if only I could shoulder more of their burden.
  • The Alliance has done us a great service, for this I am eternally grateful. (After the Storyline.)
Killing a player
  • Fall before me!
  • You have no chance!
Gilneas...I have...failed you.

Curse of the Worgen

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.
  • "When I told some of you that I wanted to form an army to retake Gilneas City from these light damned Forsaken… There were those who said Gilneas City would never be retaken. That it was impossible. Well I say to you that we must no longer let our fears control us! For too long I let my fear control me… Fear that I had made all the wrong decisions… Fear that our nation would lose its identity… Fear that if all of you knew the truth, the whole truth… You would reject me as your leader. Well I give in to fear no longer. Look upon me now and see that which I have kept hidden. Now that you know the truth, I ask each of you… who will stand with me, who will fight by my side? Who among you will set aside your fear?"[18]
  • "Then it is time for those Forsaken predators to become the prey!!"[18]
  • "It's high time these Forsaken bastards learned... that there's nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal.[18]

Hallow's End

Genn celebrates Hallow's End.
Sons and daughters of Gilneas! Friends and allies old and new! Please, come close!
As you know, Hallows End is a celebration of transition... of change.
The people of Gilneas understand the gravity of change all too well.
For we have endured much... far beyond what any of us could have imagined.
However, this is a time of neither mourning nor grief.
It is an opportunity to mock the fearsome - to gaze boldly into the grim unknown and laugh!
It is a time to celebrate new friends and the future we may forge together.
New struggles await us with each dawn, and uncertainty weighs upon us all.
As you stand before me, I pray you cast your burdens behind me.
Let this wickerman embody any unrest within us.
With turmoil as tinder, let it blaze; may it temper us against what tomorrow may bring.
Genn turns around to face the Wickerman and takes out a torch as he orders it.
Torches ready!
Let the flames fly! Hallow's End is upon us!
Genn and the crowd of Wickerman Revelers throw their torches and light the Wickerman, then switch to Worgen form. They cheer and applaud, then return to human form. Genn despawns.

Stormwind Embassy

The campaign on Argus was costly, but necessary. Now we must focus on defending our own lands.

We cannot sit idle while those Horde monsters build their forces.

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.
Damn the orcs, damn the Alliance, and damn you! The last thing Gilneas needs is sponges from other nations drawing from our resources, Dalaran wizards meddling with our affairs, and someone else's enemies killing our soldiers! Gilneas is its own nation and it always will be. This is the last time I'll ever talk to you, Terenas, so I hope you were listening.
— Greymane's last known speech, as recorded by Mystrum Runedance (presumably at one of the Alliance councils).[37]

Genn Greymane is a brawny warrior, despite being in his seventies[38] by year 26 ADP.[39] He is classified as a fighter,[37] hunter, and scoundrel.[citation needed]

Notes & trivia

  • As of Legion, Greymane is one of the four surviving Alliance rulers from the Second War, the others being Kurdran Wildhammer, Gelbin Mekkatorque, and Magni Bronzebeard (who was petrified during a ritual in the events of The Shattering, but has returned as a crystalline herald for Azeroth); King Terenas of Lordaeron, King Thoras Trollbane of Stromgarde, Admiral Proudmoore of Kul Tiras, Lord Perenolde of Alterac, Antonidas of Dalaran, King Anasterian Sunstrider of Quel'Thalas and, King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind have all died (all murdered with the exception of Perenolde, who died in prison) in the interim.
    • Magni and Thoras have since returned, albeit as a living crystal statue and a Death Knight respectively. Both have left the leadership of their respective kingdoms.
  • Genn is also one of the two racial leaders with a still living spouse in World of Warcraft, the other being Tyrande Whisperwind.
  • While at first glance it may appear that Greymane was named so by Blizzard because of the worgen curse, his introduction being all the way back in Warcraft II would mean it is a coincidence.
  • Unlike some worgen, Genn prefers his human form. He becomes a worgen only when it is absolutely necessary, concerned that he may lose himself in bestial violence.[40]
  • Genn is a playable character in Heroes of the Storm. He shifts between ranged (human form, with a pistol) and melee (worgen form, with his claws) combat.
  • Genn's new model in Legion has two colorations. Originally, there was one model used that had Genn looking noticeably younger, with darker grey hair. This was changed during the development of Legion where he received an alternate coloration, giving him stark white hair and a brown and silver coat, akin to the one worn by Genn in Glowei's depiction. The first coloration is exclusively used in all pre-Legion appearances, perhaps to show a passage of time.
    • Prior to Legion, his hair was a pale gray and used the standard human male model.
  •  [Genn's Copper Coin] can be fished up from the fountain in Dalaran.
  • In Gilneas and during the Battle for the Broken Shore Genn was protected by Gilnean Royal Guards.
  • During the alpha stages of Warlords of Draenor, a scrapped Shadowmoon Valley quest-line revolved around finding a cure for worgen's feral state. King Greymane would sucumb to this state, become ill and be bedridden in Stormwind. His daughter, Tess Greymane, would travel to the region to find the cure.[41]
  • Genn is voiced by Cameron Folmar.


Heroes of the Storm


Patch changes


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