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Gestating Genesaur

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AllianceGestating Genesaur
The Blooming Genesaur

90 (Requires 90)




Item level 520 hands
11g 40s


A [90] Blademoon Bloom


Blooming Genesaur

Kill the genesaur.


This is bad. A genesaur is starting to sprout right here in the bloom.

This is the first reported case of a genesaur being born in draenor[sic] in over three hundred years.

No wonder the botani have been acting so crazy. They are bringing back bodies to fertilize that monstrosity.

We have to kill it before it gets any larger. Once fully grown there is no stopping that beast.

On accept:

Rangari Arepheon says: Lead the charge against the genesaur, <name>. The rangari will be right behind you.


You will receive one of:

Item level 520 hands
Inv mail draenorquest90 b 01glove.png [Rangari Initiate Gauntlets] Inv glove leather draenorquest90 b 01.png [Karabor Skirmisher Gloves]
Inv plate draenorquest90 b 01glove.png [Karabor Honor Guard Gauntlets] Inv glove cloth draenorquest90 b 01.png [Karabor Sage Gloves]

You will also receive: 11g 40s


I never thought I would see a genesaur in my lifetime.


That was close.

If that genesaur would have grown any larger we would have needed an army to destroy it.

Thank you for all your help.

On complete:

Rangari Arepheon says: I'm not sure we could have defeated that genesaur without you. Until we meet again, <name>.



The genesaur is just to the southeast. Aggro it and a number of rangari will fly in to help kill it.

This completes the "Purifying the Gene Pool" portion of Alliance [As I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Moon]. Back at the caravan, Fiona offers A [91] Fiona to gain her as a follower upon completion of this quest.


  1. A [93] The Southern Wilds
  2. A [91] Crippled Caravan
  3. Complete both:
  4. A [91] Cooking With Unstable Herbs
  5. A [90] Blademoon Bloom
  6. A [90] Gestating Genesaur
  7. Fiona (optional)

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