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AllianceGet Back Here!
Taylor and the Waterspeaker

Automatic (Elder Sage Wind-Yi)


86 (Requires 85)




7g 40s



Report to Admiral Taylor in Pearlfin Village.

Provided item:  [Alliance Missive]


Oh, before I forget, I have something I was asked to deliver to you. A letter from one of your companions, I assume.

I was made to understand that your presence was urgently required, so I took the liberty of arranging your passage.

Speak to Ginsa Arroweye just south of here when you're ready. She has a kite waiting.


You will receive: 7g 40s


("Admiral Taylor: Admiral Taylor is awaiting your return.")

Welcome back, <name>. I trust your journey has been insightful, particularly in regards to the layout of the land. There is still much to do before we march into battle.


  • 83000 XP


Alliance Missive

Whatever you're up to, <name>, make an end of it.

The Horde and their savage monkeys are preparing to attack.

They outnumber our forces considerably and must not be allowed the time to train their forces.

Put an end to whatever distractions you're engaged in and return to Pearlfin Village at once.

- Admiral Taylor

Head down the stairs, then take a left at the fork heading south. Before leaving the temple grounds, Ginsa Arroweye, the flightmaster, can be found. Speak with her and take a ride down to Pearlfin.

Where would you like to fly to?

Gossip I could use a kite to Glassfin Village[sic].

Admiral Taylor is up near Elder Lusshan. He offers A [86] Helping the Cause, and Sully offers A [86] An Unexpected Advantage. Rell Nightwind is nowhere to be seen. As Mishka predicted, he has apparently died from his injuries and was likely buried; the others make no further mention of him and are focusing on their duties.


Optional breadcrumb: B [86] Get Back Here!

  1. Faction quests:
  2. B [86] Last Piece of the Puzzle
  3. N [86] The Seal is Broken
  4. N [86] Residual Fallout & N [86] Jaded Heart & B [86] Emergency Response
  5. N [86] Moving On

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