Get Them While They're Young

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AllianceGet Them While They're Young
Start Rivern Frostwind
End Rivern Frostwind
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Winterspring
Next They Grow Up So Fast


Gather 8 Frostsaber Cubs from the dens around Frostsaber Rock.


I can teach you to ride a Winterspring frostsaber, but it takes time and dedication. For this to work, both saber and rider must be highly trained and both must share a bond of deep trust.

The cubs are only receptive to this training if they're introduced to their riders at a young age. Some of the cubs in the dens surrounding Frostsaber Rock are at the proper age to begin their training. If you help me gather the most promising of those cubs, I'll allow you to begin training with your own cub.


We must get the saber cubs while they're still young enough to bond with people. If they get too old, the cats will remain feral forever.


These cubs are just the right age to begin their training. A few of them even have the proper traits to be trained as mounts. As promised, I'll select one of these cubs for you to train. This fellow here seems to have an affinity for you.

I'll train the more common, docile cubs for the market in Darnassus.


  1. A [50] Get Them While They're Young
  2. A [50] They Grow Up So Fast

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