Getting Permission

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NeutralGetting Permission
Getting Permission

86 (Requires 85)




Item level 384 necklaces
9g 80s



Challenge and defeat Pandriarch Goldendraft, Pandriarch Windfur, and Pandriarch Bramblestaff.


My love, Lo, tried to get permission to marry me from the pandriarchs. Though they have passed beyond, their favor would carry a lot of weight.

Thin is, they are spirits, and none of the gifts or tributes we brought impress them. To win their favor they claimed that either Lo or a champion must defeat them in single combat.

Lo is a good man, but not a fighter.

Would you be our champion?


Depending on your class and specialization you will get one of the following items:
Inv jewelry necklace 63.png [Zen Lotus Pendant] Inv jewelry necklace 63.png [Vale Song Pendant]
Inv jewelry necklace 62.png [Dawnblossom Necklace] Inv jewelry necklace 78.png [Greenstone Pendant]
Inv jewelry necklace 78.png [Jade Eye Pendant]

You will also receive: 9g 80s


Each of the pandriarchs earned their reputation in life and retained them afterward. I can't even imagine how you will defeat them.


They... they agreed?! Fantastic! Thank you so much! With their blessing we can be the happiest pandaren in all the land!

Please, take this. We meant it to be a tribute for the pandriarchs but they didn't seem interested.


  • 110000 XP


Closest is Pandriarch Goldendraft:

I watch as my lineage is reduced to a faded memory around me. Once the greatest of all brewmasters we now stand backstage to the Stormstouts. Bah!

Gossip Challenge the Pandriarch.

Pandriarch Goldendraft says: A Wanderbrew wants to marry an[sic] Goldendraft?! Preposterous.
Pandriarch Goldendraft says: I yield! The boy chose his champion well. Give him my blessing and make sure he does not squander it.

Windfur is up next:

In life I had many cubs, and many grand cubs. But none of my great grand cubs visit anymore. Few remember with honor the great Windfur family lineage.
N [86] The Jade Witch done
I hear you are responsible for saving one of my youngest descendants from the clutches of the Jade Witch. I thank you for your heroism.

Gossip Challenge the Pandriarch.

Pandriarch Windfur says: You would champion the cause of such a lowly street rat? Very well, best me in combat and I shall consider giving you my blessing.
Pandriarch Windfur says: Enough! You win... champion. Tell that upstart that he has my blessing.

Bramblestaff is down to the south:

Strength! That is the lifeblood of the Bramblestaff family. My lineage lives today as a testament of physical greatness willing to take on any challenger.

Gossip Challenge the Pandriarch.

Pandriarch Bramblestaff yells: At last! A challenge! Let us test your mettle, "champion".
Pandriarch Bramblestaff yells: That was a fine battle! The likes of which I have not enjoyed in many decades. Go and give the boy my blessing.

On complete:

Toya, Peiji Goldendraft, and Kai Wanderbrew walk up.
Toya says: Here they are. See, told you I could find anyone or anything.
Lo Wanderbrew says: Mister Goldendraft, I humbly ask permission to marry your daughter Syra.
Peiji Goldendraft says: What?! This is preposterous.
Kai Wanderbrew says: Son! What are you doing! She's a Goldendraft.
Lo Wanderbrew says: It is not her name I am interested in. It is her. She is the kinest, nicest, prettiest person I have ever met.
Peiji Goldendraft says: My Syra will NOT be seen with the likes of a Wanderbrew.
Syra Goldendraft says: No, father, I will. Lo was willing to fight the Pandriarchs for me. It took <name> to champion us but they consented.
Peiji Goldendraft yells: They agreed?!
Kai Wanderbrew yells: They agreed?!
Lo Wanderbrew says: Yes. And now, with your permission, I would like to ask for your daughter's hand.
Peiji Goldendraft says: Well... um... I...
Kai Wanderberw says: Come on Peiji. I don't like it any better than you do but there is honor in the Pandriarchs' blessings.
Peiji Goldendraft says: Fine. What's done is done. But don't assume I will ever like this. Or you, Kai.
Kai Wanderbrew says: Same. Now lets get these kids back to Dawn's Blossom.
Toya says: Wow! That was amazing. What next, <name>? Think you can get the hozen and jinyu to get along?

This completes this little branch. Either head north to the Emperor's Omen or back south to Dawn's Blossom and take the ride from Toya to get to Cho's location.

This also concludes the Dawn's Blossom portion of [Upjade Complete].


After N [86] Welcome to Dawn's Blossom:

  1. N [86] The Threads that Stick
  2. N [86] Find the Boy
  3. N [86] Shrine of the Dawn
  4. N [86] Getting Permission

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