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When loading the interface, the WoW client skips over any AddOn whose interface version does not match its own. This is an effort to keep the client's behavior free of errors due to changes in the API. Each AddOn specifies (in its .toc file) the interface version with which it complies. So an AddOn's .toc file most likely contains a line similar to:

## Interface: 60200

Here, 60200 would mean that the AddOn is designed against the Patch 6.2 client (and any subsequent minor releases).

There are a number of ways to get the current interface version:

It probably is 80300 (Retail) or 11305 (Classic)
But these numbers are maintained locally, so they might be out of date.
In particular, /dump select(4, GetBuildInfo()) should output the correct version to your chat frame.
Extract FrameXML and check FrameXML.toc
Launch wow with the -console flag, then at the login screen, activate the console using the `/~ key, and type ExportInterfaceFiles code to extract FrameXML files into World of Warcraft\BlizzardInterfaceCode.
Steal it from another AddOn 
Recently updated AddOns, which are not listed as "out of date" by the client contain the latest Interface version in their toc tag.
View FrameXML.toc online
For instance at wowcompares.

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