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This questing guide for the zone of Ghostlands details an efficient method to obtain and complete the quests in Ghostlands.

For a list of all Ghostlands quests in a sortable table, see Ghostlands quests.

Note Note: The questing guides are not meant for power-leveling purposes. Rather, they are meant to show players the most efficient way to complete all quests available for a particular zone. If you know of a better order or method to accomplish this, your input is welcome (in fact, greatly desired). For major changes, feel free to edit, but make a note in the talk page as to your reasoning.

Horde Crest Ghostlands (Level 10 - 20)

See also: Powerlevel Ghostlands

Ghostlands is the zone most blood elves will quest in, once they leave from Eversong Woods. It is also home to the raid instance Zul'Aman. The zone is connected to Eversong Woods in the north and Eastern Plaguelands in the south.

Other zone options for this level include Barrens and Silverpine Forest.


Quest Name Quest Giver
H [10] Missing in the Ghostlands Horde  Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider[0, 0]
H [10] The Fallen Courier Horde Apothecary Thedra[49, 89]
H [10] Delivery to Tranquillien Horde  Courier Dawnstrider[49, 89]
H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png Hunter [10] Taming the Beast Horde  Lieutenant Dawnrunner[60, 63]
H Rogue [10] Find Keltus Darkleaf Horde  Zelanis[79, 52]
H Rogue [12] Combining Forces Horde  Keltus Darkleaf[0, 0]
H Rogue [10] Return the Reports Horde  Keltus Darkleaf[0, 0]
H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png Warlock [10] The Stone Horde  Talionia[75, 47]
H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png Warlock [10] The Rune of Summoning Voidstone[43, 30]


Quest Name Quest Giver
H [10] The Forsaken Horde  Arcanist Vandril[46, 28]
H [10] Return to Arcanist Vandril Horde  High Executor Mavren[44, 32]
H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [7] Goods from Silvermoon City Horde  Quartermaster Lymel[47, 29]
H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [7] Fly to Silvermoon City Horde  Skymaster Sunwing[45, 30]
H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [7] Skymistress Gloaming Horde  Sathren Azuredawn[54, 71]
H [10] Return to Quartermaster Lymel Horde  Skymistress Gloaming[54, 51]

Suncrown Village

Goldenmist Village and An'daroth


Windrunner Village


Underlight Mines (west again)

Farstrider Enclave

Where to go from here

The next step for most the players will be the Barrens or the Hillsbrad Foothills. See the Barrens questing guide for details on preparation and questing in that area.

Neutral Hatchet Hills (Level 70)

Quest Name Quest Giver Subzone
N [70R] Oooh, Shinies! Neutral  Griftah Shattrath City
N [85D] Promises, Promises... Neutral  Budd Nedreck Hatchet Hills
N [85D] X Marks... Your Doom! Neutral  Budd Nedreck Hatchet Hills
N [70G] Hex Lord? Hah! Neutral  Budd Nedreck Hatchet Hills
N [85D] Tuskin' Raiders Neutral  Prigmon Hatchet Hills
N [70] A Troll Among Trolls Neutral  Prigmon Hatchet Hills
N [70R] Blood of the Warlord  [Blood of Zul'jin] Zul'Aman
N [70R] Undercover Sister Neutral  Donna Brascoe Hatchet Hills