Ghostly Denizen

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AllianceGhostly Denizen
Image of Ghostly Denizen
Gender Both
Race(s) Human, Dwarf
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Unyielding
Occupation Commoner
Location Expedition Armory, Hellfire Peninsula

Ghostly Denizens are human ghosts located in Expedition Armory in Hellfire Peninsula. They can be seen speaking with Lieutenant Commander Thalvos.


  • Lieutenant Commander Thalvos says: Everybody settle down! We're doing our best to get the situation under control. Them bleedin' orcs are unrelenting!
  • Ghostly Denizen says: The graveyard on the hill is filling up faster than we can dig the holes on some days.
  • Ghostly Denizen says: We want answers, Lieutenant! We're entitled to know the truth!
  • Ghostly Denizen says: Will we ever be able to go back home?
  • Ghostly Denizen clenches his fists in anger.
  • Ghostly Denizen says: I buried my son today, Thalvos... And my spouse last week.
  • Ghostly Denizen sobs.
  • Ghostly Denizen says: They say that there's gonna be another attack... None are to be left alive.
  • Ghostly Denizen says: Ner'zhul will never give up. Where are our heroes?
  • Ghostly Denizen says: Trollbane alone cannot fight back the combined might of the orcish Horde. We are done for...
  • Ghostly Denizen says: We can't even leave our houses anymore! The attacks are never ending!

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