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Ghostly Philanthropist

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MobGhostly Philanthropist
Image of Ghostly Philanthropist
Race Ghost (Undead)
Level 71-72 Elite
Location Karazhan

Attacks and abilities

  • Spell shadow shadowworddominate.png  Incite Rage — Increases a nearby Spectral Patron's attack speed by 200% for 6 sec, but slows attacks when it wears off.
  • Spell shadow manaburn.png  Ill Gift — Deals 3150 to 3850 damage to a random target, but restores 1575 to 1925 mana.


These mobs generally come with non-elites in four or five pulls. It is not, however, suggested you AoE them as they are immune to snares, crowd control, and taunt.

Using Seed of Corruption on the "Philantropist packs" on the tier directly after the opera can aggro the packs above likely resulting in a wipe.

They used to drop a considerable amount of gold (about 10-12 each). They only appear in the area after the Opera event.


Reputation: Provides 15 reputation with The Violet Eye.

As of patch 3.1.1, the Ghostly Philanthropist no longer drops any gold.


  • Death It's all... coming back to me.
  • Death Is it really over?

Patch changes

  • Hotfix (2009-04-24): "Ghostly Philanthropists have gone broke and will now drop zero gold."
  • The Burning Crusade Patch 2.0.3 (2007-01-09): Added.

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