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Gift of N'Zoth

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  • Gift of N'Zoth
  • You are special in the eyes of N'Zoth. He sees all.
Gift of N'Zoth

The Gift of N'Zoth is a special cosmetic modification that makes you appear with a third eye on the head, that was added with the Crucible of Storms Xal'atath questline.

It is acquired in B [120] Twist the Knife and can be removed in B [120] His Eye Upon You, but keeping it will allow you to unlock additional dialogs with many NPCs, receive whispers and even understand the Shath'Yar language.[1]


With the Gift of N'Zoth you can interact with other followers of the Old God, including Shady Individuals in Boralus, and Desperate Citizens and Casteless Zandalari trolls in Dazar'alor. Some of them will actually have the Gift themselves.

The gift also allows you to understand the Shath'Yar language, usually reserved to the priest class. Only the real gift allows that but the cosmetic toy does not.

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