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The Gilneas Liberation Front (GLF) is the main Gilnean resistance group against the Forsaken who have begun to invade Gilneas. The GLF is made up of soldiers who chose to remain behind in Gilneas following the evacuation of most of Gilneas' civilians. The Liberation Front uses a special version of the  [Gilneas Tabard], their's having several claw marks and deeper embroidery near the shoulders.

Led by Lord Darius Crowley, the GLF was formed to reclaim and defend Gilneas and also to take back Lordaeron for the Alliance. Throughout the Silverpine Forest storyline, the GLF is seen as the major opposing force against the Horde in the zone. They have allied with the Bloodfang pack, led by Ivar Bloodfang, as well as the 7th Legion, in an effort to push back the Forsaken. They have also enlisted and turned the surviving Hillsbrad humans for aid.

Once sent into the Ruins of Gilneas, the GLF's massive forces are finally seen. They eventually succeed in pushing the Forsaken completely out of Gilneas, but failed to remove the Forsaken from the southern Silverpine Forest region. The GLF were eventually forced to retreat back into Gilneas. Following the defeat at Silverpine, the Liberation Front has shown little activity, likely due to them still recovering from the substantial losses at The Battlefront, and the on-going naval assaults from the Forsaken.

Silverpine campaign

Early into Silverpine Forest, a horde adventurer would quickly notice that the Forsaken are being assaulted by the GLF in great number, having taken control of nearby Farmholds and causing havoc amongst the Forsaken roads and supply lines.

Crowley soon allies with the Bloodfang pack, a large worgen pack made up of the remaining worgen of Silverpine, following the Forsaken's crusade against them. The devastating new allies soon prove to outmatch the Forsaken, using unorthodox guerrilla warfare tactics and devious traps, which have never been done by the Alliance in such a way.[1]

The Forsaken slowly but surely carve through the opposition, now bolstered by the now newly-turned worgen of Hillsbrad, attempting to reach the Forsaken in Gilneas, which have mostly been decimated. Eventually reaching the southern reaches of Silverpine, The Forsaken are met with not only massive GLF resistance, but 7th Legion and Bloodfang resistance as well, losing any remaining hold on Gilneas' land after retrieving the body of the Gilnean traitor Lord Godfrey, as well as his subordinates Baron Ashbury and Lord Walden.

Although the tables had tipped in the GLF's favor, the newly raised Gilnean traitor trio led the Forsaken with equally ruthless warfare, going as far as to burn what's remaining of Pyrewood Village following its capture by the 7th Legion in the area.[2] They soon cripple the back bone of the GLF's support, as well as capturing the daughter of Lord Crowley, Lorna Crowley.[3]

The Battlefront

With the Forsaken pushed out of Gilneas, the GLF, Bloodfang Worgen, Hillsbrad Worgen, 7th Legion, and any other Alliance support march on Silverpine with the intent to remove the Forsaken from southern Silverpine. They are met however with not only the Forsaken's troops, but the newly raised mages of Ambermill, and revitalized orcish sea dogs. The Battle proceeds with heavy casualties on both sides.[4]

Sylvanas uses Lorna as a bargaining chip, threatening to turn her into undead, as she was not worgen and was able to be raised, unless the Alliance pulled out of Silverpine. Unable to watch his daughter befall such a fate he orders the retreat, the remaining Alliance forces returning to Gilneas where they have to recover from the casualties from the battle, as well as prepare to battle the Forsaken who begin naval assaults to attempt and regain a foot hold in Gilneas.

The Battle for Gilneas

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Following the victory over the Forsaken in Gilneas, the Forsaken have lost all land holds in the battered kingdom, however the attacks persist on a different side of Gilneas. With their land holds shattered, the Forsaken have been forced to send ships to unload soldiers of the Horde upon the Gilnean Coast. The Battle now rages mostly on the contested and war-torn peninsula, the Forsaken attempting to regain a foothold while the GLF and Alliance forces attempt to prevent this.

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  • Due to quest phasing, members of the Gilneas Liberation Front will only appear to Horde adventurers questing through Silverpine Forest, aside from the worgen seen in the Ivar Patch in northern Silverpine.


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Worgen Infiltrators located in Tirisfal Glades may be a part of GLF.