Give 'Em Shell

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Alliance & HordeGive 'Em Shell
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Type World Quest
Category Nazjatar
Reputation +75 Unshackled
+75 Waveblade Ankoan



  • Alliance Blademaster Okani says: Tortollan warriors employ... unconventional tactics when fighting the naga. See what you can learn from them.
  • Horde Atolia Seapearl says: Looks like the tortollans have cooked up a new plan to deal with these brutes. I say you give it a shot.


You will receive:


  • Alliance Blademaster Okani says: We ankoan learned long ago to never underestimate the tortollans. Well fought, champion.
  • Horde Atolia Seapearl says: Not bad. I got a bit dizzy just watching you!


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