Giving Back to Nature

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NeutralGiving Back to Nature

110 - 120 (Requires 110)


N Herbalism [110 - 120] Foul Harvest


Plant the Akunda's Bite Sapling and defend it until it builds a static charge.


Perform one additional task, and I will give you the knowledge you seek. The seeds you have are strong, but they need time until they are ready to grow.

However, one must always be prepared in the desert. This sapling is mature enough to live on its own, but it is frail. It needs the dry desert winds to build static so it may bite, but until it does, it is as helpless as grass.

Plant it in the desert sands, near the fallen beast south of the Brine Basin, and protect it until it can defend itself.


You will learn: Herbalism Technique: Akunda's Bite (Rank 2)


Thank you for your willingness to travel, <name>.


Your efforts have been instrumental in maintaining the balance in this land.

Now I shall reward you with the knowledge you sought... But first, when you approach the flower, what do you do?

<Patu nods as you explain your current knowledge of harvesting akunda's bite>

Hmmm... It seems that you do not know the value of this plant's leaves. The bulb discharges on touch, which will kill the leaves if they are still attached. Harvest the leaves first and your yield shall be greater.



  1. B Herbalism [110 - 120] An Unusual Mentor
  2. N Herbalism [110 - 120] Foul Harvest
  3. N Herbalism [110 - 120] Giving Back to Nature
  4.  [Fully Charged Lightning Pod]

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