Giving It All We've Got

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NeutralGiving It All We've Got

110 (Requires 110)



Activate all of the leyline feeds in Suramar, then speak with Valtrois.


The arcan'dor is drawing incredible amounts of energy.

Even with the leyline feed at full capacity, we may not have the power.

Let us first ensure that all potential leyline conduits connecting to Shal'Aran are active.

Then I can attempt to amplify the output and hopefully satisfy this insufferable plant.


You will receive:
Spell arcane arcane01.png [Free Floating Ley Spark]


We must activate all of the leyline feeds in Suramar before attempting the spell.


We must take drastic measures.



Activating all the leyline feeds grants the achievement [Leyline Bling].

Once you have done so, or if you have done it already,

Gossip All conduits are active. Can you amplify the feed?

Valtrois works on the feed, an invisible, focused casting, and as she does so Valewalker Farodin and Thalyssra come down the south and north staircases respectively to the aperture.
Arcanist Valtrois says: Every leyline feed is active and at full power!
Farodin voices grave concern.
Valewalker Farodin says: It is not enough...
Valtrois turns away from the aperture to Thalyssra when she's addressed.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: Valtrois, can you think of any way to draw more power? Even briefly?
Valtrois walks as she thinks out loud. Thalyssra trails after her, and Farodin walks towards them...
Arcanist Valtrois says: Hmm... The main conduit beneath Suramar city pulls ten times what we have here.
...and the three end up in front of the large conduit marker for Suramar City. Thalyssra turns to Valtrois.
Arcanist Valtrois says: If that leyline were to flare up, the surge could theoretically reach all the way back to Shal'Aran.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: What could make the leyline flare up?
Oculeth teleports down to join the discussion.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: A manastorm might do the trick.
Valtrois turns to him.
Arcanist Valtrois says: A manastorm, are you insane?
Valtrois is skeptical, but Oculeth is being realistic.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Yes. But it could work! We create a localized warp field, then-
Before he can get too carried away, Thalyssra quickly interrupts him.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: Spare us the details, just make it happen. I am counting on you.
Valtrois briefly turns to Thalyssra as she and Oculeth acknowledge their assignments.
Chief Telemancer Oculeth says: Yes, ma'am!
Arcanist Valtrois says: Right away.
Farodin returns upstairs.


  1. N [110] A Change of Seasons
  2. N [110] Giving It All We've Got
  3. N [110] Bring Home the Beacon & N [110G] Ephemeral Manastorm Projector & N [110] Flow Control
  4. N [110] All In
  5. Complete both of these quests to unlock the Insurrection storyline:

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