Gizzard Gum

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  • Gizzard Gum
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Increases Spirit by 25 when consumed. Effect lasts for 60 minutes. Battle Elixir.
  • "Strawberry Flavor"

Gizzard Gum a piece of tasty gum that improves the chewer's spirit. Just don't ask what it's made of...


This item is a reward from the quest Vulture's Vigor and the follow-up repeatable quest Spiritual Domination, both of which start with Bloodmage Lynnore in the Blasted Lands.

As a quest objective


Inv potion 168.png This consumable is classified in-game as a Guardian Elixir and will not stack with other Guardian Elixirs or Flasks.

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