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For the mountain in the Howling Fjord, see Glajerhorn.
  • The Gjallarhorn
  • Quest Item
  • "Carved from the tusk of a great beast, this impressive horn bears deep angular runes."
The Gjallarhorn on Hymdall's back.

The Gjallarhorn (or Gjallerhorn)[1] is a battle horn that was gifted to Hymdall before Odyn broke off from Ulduar to create the Valarjar. Due to the disagreement over creation of the Dragon Aspects, the remaining keepers of Ulduar were no longer sworn to follow Odyn's orders. There was one exception, however: the Gjallarhorn. If it were to be sounded, the keepers of Ulduar are oathbound to answer its call.[2]

The Gjallarhorn was handed down through the years to worthy vrykul for its safekeeping, with its last guardian having been Svergan Stormcloak.[3] When the Battlelord inquired with Svergan regarding the battle horn, it was learned that Jorhuttam, a monstrous worm that had devoured Svergan's entire army, was in possession of it.[4]

With this new information, the Battlelord sent out their champions to search for the worm's trail. The champions later came back successful, having found Jorhuttam's trail leading to the tallest peak of Highmountain.[5] After avenging the loss of Jarum Skymane's village to the Frostcrag drogbar,[6] the Battlelord summoned Jorhuttam and slew her. The horn was then returned to Hymdall.

Once other preparations were made, the Gjallarhorn was sounded by Hymdall to invoke the oath.[7]


This item is dropped by Jorhuttam at Highmountain Summit in Highmountain.

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