Glaive Thrower (Gilneas)

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For other versions, see Glaive Thrower (disambiguation).
AllianceGlaive Thrower
Image of Glaive Thrower
Race Glaive Thrower (Mechanical)
Level 12
Health 1,525
Reaction Friendly
Location Keel Harbor, Gilneas

Glaive Throwers are one of the siege weapons brought by the night elf allies to Keel Harbor during the evacuation of Gilneas. The player uses it during the quest A IconSmall Worgen Male.gifIconSmall Worgen Female.gif [12] They Have Allies, But So Do We.


Vehicle This vehicle can be mounted.
1) Ability upgrademoonglaive.png  Launch Glaive unlimited yd range — Fires a large glaive towards the area, dealing physical damage to enemies and causing them to be knocked back. (0.25 sec cooldown)
2) Ability warrior bladestorm.png  Glaive Barrage unlimited yd range — Fires a barrage of large glaives towards the target, dealing physical damage to enemies in the area and causing them to be knocked back.
4) Spell nature timestop.png  Double Speed — Increases movement speed by 100% for 10 sec. (30 sec cooldown)

The first ability is generally more useful against more solid targets, whereas the second is better against smaller targets over a wider area.

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