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Support Forum Agent

Glaxigrav is a Blizzard Entertainment employee and forum poster on the US Technical Support Forums for all games, concentrating on Heroes of the Storm. He was introduced on April 2, 2014.[1]

As a support forum agent

In the official thread for the August 18, 2015 mass realm instability affecting North American World of Warcraft players, Glaxigrav described his support role.[2]

8/18 - Realm Drops and Recoveries | 2015-08-19 06:03 | Blizzard Entertainment Glaxigrav

My job is to provide Technical Support and updates on emergent issues, like these. I listen and keep a pulse on what's happening internally and then translate that into actionable/understandable updates. Part of that is making sure you don't feel left out while our Technicians (the real geniuses and the men/women behind the curtain) pour their efforts into resolving the issue.

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