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Not to be confused with Gibby.
Image of Glibb
Title <Brann Bronzebeard's Pet Monkey>
Race Gorilla (Beast)
Level 62
Affiliation(s) Brann Bronzebeard
Location Various
Status Alive

Glibb is a gorilla once found at the Bronzebeard Encampment in Silithus. Brann Bronzebeard mentions him in his lost letter.

At the time of the destruction of Silithus, it seems that Glibb was with Brann as he later can be found with him aboard the Wind's Redemption docked at Boralus in Kul Tiras. He travels to Nazmir on Zandalar with Brann.


<Glibb looks at you curiously. Brann doesn't have the heart to tell him he's not a monkey.>


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Bronzebeard Encampment 62
Tiragarde Sound


  • Though he is called a monkey, Glibb uses a gorilla model. This is probably because monkey models did not exist in the game when he was added. Even after monkeys were added in Cataclysm, Glibb did not receive a new model.
    • This discrepancy is referenced in Glibb's gossip text in Battle for Azeroth.

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