Glintrok Hexxer

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BossGlintrok Hexxer
Image of Glintrok Hexxer
Race Saurok (Humanoid)
Level 88 - 92 Elite
Health 1,628,256 - 2,445,192
Mana 9,470 - 10,312
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Mogu'shan Palace
Main article: Gekkan


  • Spell shadow demonicempathy.png  Hex of Lethargy Interruptible Magic Effect — Hexes the target, inflicting 50000 Shadow damage and reducing spell-casting speed by 25% for 20 sec. Stacks up to 4 times.
  • Spell fire twilightflamebolt.png  Dark Bolt — The Glintrok Hexxer unleashes a Dark Bolt at his current target, inflicting damage equivalent to its melee swing as Shadow damage.

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