Gluttonous Abomination

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MobGluttonous Abomination
Image of Gluttonous Abomination
Race Abomination (Undead)
Level 83 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Frostwing Halls, Icecrown Citadel
Main article: Valithria Dreamwalker

Gluttonous Abominations are level 83 elite abominations that appear during the fight to save Valithria Dreamwalker in Icecrown Citadel.

When they die several Rot Worms burst out from their corpse.


  • Spell shadow corpseexplode.png  Gut Spray 8 yd range — Deals 2000 Nature damage per second and increases Physical damage taken by 25% for 12 sec. Instant. Disease. 9425-10575 Nature damage initial blast; 11782-13218+2500/sec on Heroic. This is a removable disease.
  • Ability hunter pet worm.png  Spawn Rot Worms — Spawns 8 to 10 Rot Worms after the abomination dies.

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