Glyph of Life Pact

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Glyph of Life Pact
Spell shadow shadowpact.png
Usable by

Affliction, Demonlogy

Level learned


Glyph type
Exclusive with
Source item
  • Glyph of Life Pact
  • Major Glyph
  • Use: Permanently teaches you this glyph.

    Mana costs on all your spells are reduced by 30%, but Life Tap can no longer be cast, and your health will drop by 1% per sec. Your health cannot drop below 75% from this effect.

    Exclusive with:
    Glyph of Life Tap
  • Classes: Warlock
  • Requires Level 25
  • Sell Price: 1s


This item is created with Inscription (1); discovered through  [Scribe's Research Notes].

Materials required:
Inv inscription inkcerulean02.png 3x [Warbinder's Ink] Inv inscription papyrus.png 1x [Light Parchment]

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