Gnomeregan's Finest

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AllianceGnomeregan's Finest

120 (Requires 120)




11g 70s


A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] Shifting Gears



Speak with the three members of your G.E.A.R. team.


The leaders of the Alliance have agreed to fund an elite gnomish aerial task force.

And you have been chosen to lead the test team for the Gnomish Elite Aerial Rangers. I have assembled some of the finest tinkers and soldiers from Gnomeregan, who are now under your command.

The three of them are already here in New Tinkertown. Introduce yourself and assemble them.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 8,950 XP


Speak up, soldier!


Time to give you all your briefing.


The members of G.E.A.R. are located throughout New Tinkertown. Emaedi Autoblast is in a tall building at [38, 38.8]. Take the elevator up to find her sitting on a bed with a rifle in hand.

So you're the one everygnome around here has been talking about.
<Emaedi extends her hand.>
Emaedi. Emaedi Autoblast. Sharpshooter and scout for the 7th Legion. If you need anything related to explosions, I'm your gnome. I'd linke to think I'm a pretty good shot, too.
Gossip <Introduce yourself.>
Emaedi Autoblast says: Excited to be working with you, Commander.
Emaedi jumps off the bed, salutes, and despawns.

Fizzi Tinkerbow is standing under a tent[38, 34] with a paintbrush in hand next to her mechanostrider, G.H.O.S.T..

Isn't he beautiful? I've been working on various modifications to Mekkatorque's newest mechanostrider plans in hopes of making them even more useful. So far, I've been able to reduce shock damage of long distance jumps to the accelerator by twenty percent and set the headlight's luminosity control to automatically respond to the current light. Right now I'm testing out a new coat of paint pigments that provide better insulation...
<The gnome continues on for a few minutes.>
Oh, sorry. I'm Master Tinker Fizzi! I was one of Mekkatorque's many assistants. It's an incredible honor to be chosen for this opportunity.
Gossip Report, Tinker!
Fizzi Tinkerbow says: I've really been looking forward to this. I can't wait to get started!
Fizzi salutes. She and G.H.O.S.T. walk off in the direction of Captain Sparknozzle.

Cog Captain Winklespring is standing outside a smaller building at [40.2, 37.8].

There you are, Commander.
Herk Winklespring reporting for duty! I was a captain in Mekkatorque's personal squadron, serving directly under the High Tinker himself.
It's an honor to work with you, commander.[sic]
Gossip <Introduce yourself.>
Cog Captain Winklespring says: You can count on me, Commander.
Winklespring salutes and walks off toward Captain Sparknozzle.

Once all the gnomes have been talked to, head back to Sparknozzle's platform to find the G.E.A.R. members lined up behind the captain.


  1. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] Shifting Gears
  2. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] Gnomeregan's Finest
  3. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] Shadowed Halls and Dusty Cogs
  4. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] A Tundra Conundrum
  5. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] Now With More Mechanical Fowl
  6. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] Smarter Than Your Average Trogg
  7. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] The Gnome Behind the Trogg
  8. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] A Signal in Storm Peaks
  9. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] Gnomercy!
  10. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] Operation: Troggageddon
  11. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] For Gnomeregan!
  12. A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [120] G.E.A.R. Up

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