Gnomeregan Covert Ops

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The Gnomeregan Covert Ops (Gnomeregan Covert Operations)[1] is a gnomish organization that emerged after the Shattering. Kelsey Steelspark is a key member of the organization.[2] They employ skilled technicians and rogues.

It appears to be the gnomish equivalent of SI:7.


In Dun Morogh

A team was sent to Steelgrill's Depot to deal with the Frostame trolls in Frostmane Retreat.[3] The chief of the ops asked Delber Cranktoggle to build a device to dispatch personnel quickly and quietly to any corner of Dun Morogh. He thus created Ultrasafe Personnel Launcher.[4] Delber's technicians also prepared aerial attack of the troll settlement.[5]

They defended Dun Morogh during the Legion Invasions. Some of them were captured at the Frostmane Retreat.

Notable members