God-Hulk Ramuk

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MobGod-Hulk Ramuk
Image of God-Hulk Ramuk
Race Dire troll (Humanoid)
Level 92 Rare Elite
Health 8,431,000
Location Conqueror's Terrace, Isle of Thunder [61.4, 50.1]
Status Killable

God-Hulk Ramuk is a dire troll located at Conqueror's Terrace on the Isle of Thunder.


  • Pound — Pound the ground, inflicting 138,750 to 161,250 Physical damage to enemies within 5 yards of the impact and knocking them back. 1.25 sec cast. Targets a player's position at the start of the cast. (5 sec cooldown)
  • Crouch — Crouched down into a ball, reducing incoming damage by 50% and healing for 5% of maximum health every 3 sec. for 20 sec. Channeled. 20 sec duration. Interruptible. (6 sec cooldown)
  • Blessing of Thunder — Call for the blessing of Lei Shen, increasing damage dealt by 100%, damage taken by 50%, and reducing movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. 1.67 sec cast. Uninterruptible. Affects Pound and melee swings (5 sec cooldown)


Move when he casts Pound and interrupt when he casts Crouch. Kite him around when he gains Blessing of Thunder, as both melee swings and Pounds are affected by it.

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