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Image of Goda
Race Dragon turtle (Beast)
Level 92 Rare Elite
Health 10.5-52.7M
Location Diremoor, Isle of Thunder [53.6, 53.6]
Status Killable


  • Shell Spin — Spins around for 10 sec., inflicting 101,750 to 118,250 Physical damage every 1 sec. to enemies within 10 yards and knocking them back. 1.67 sec cast, then 10 sec channel. Uninterruptible. (5 sec cooldown)
  • Crystalline Shield — Protects the caster in a crystalline shield, reducing magical damage taken by 10%. Instant. Stacks up to 5 times. (3 sec cooldown)


Before aggroing Goda, clear the area of dragon turtles and beavers, as the Goda encounter requires some room to move about.

Get out of the Shell Spin when Goda begins the cast, as the knockback is prone to send combatants flying in the direction of nearby mobs. Classes doing non-Physical damage should Dispel or [Spellsteal] the Crystalline Shield, which stacks. Otherwise, whittle away the 10.5 million health the dragon turtle brings to bear.

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