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Image of Gokkar
Race Saurok (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,000
Affiliation(s) Skumblade tribe
Location Ihgaluk Crag, Isle of Thunder [48.2, 78.7]
Status Killable



  • I have seen your magic. I know that you are not saurok. You are other.
Your magic makes you weak. You are coward who hides in enemy's skin. YOU ARE NOT STRONG!
<Gokkar spits at your feet.>
  • I know you are not one of us. You are one of them.
I follow you. I watch you. You kill our people, but you also kill mogu. You kill straight-back trolls.
I do not care who you kill. I pick up the meat afterward. So very, very much meat.
  • I smell you, outsider. I know you are not one of us.
Why do you sneak into our village? Why do you wear the skin of our people? I do not understand.
  • I know your secret, outsider. I know you are an enemy. I smell through your false skin.
I am not scared of you. Fear is for the weak. I am not weak.

While Kroshik is being sacrificed:

I smell through your disguise, stranger. You are bold to come to such a sacred ritual.
What do you intend here? Will you eat the flesh of Kroshik?


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