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NeutralGolden Fleet
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Main leader
Secondary leaders
Theater of operations

All major oceans of Azeroth, Zandalar



The Golden Fleet[1] is the maritime military force of the Zandalari Empire. Its flagship is Gral's Call.[2] Other vessels in the fleet include Rastakhan's Might, the personal flagship of the God-King Rastakhan himself,[3], and Rezan's Wake, the personal transport of Princess Talanji.

Named ships


  • The term was first mentioned in the patch 5.2.0 PTR in a Lorewalker Cho dialog that was eventually cut before release:
    • Zul came to Rastakhan to warn him that he had visions of a armored dragon causing a Cataclysm. Months later he once again came to Rastakhan with more grim news that he saw a legion of serpents pouring forth from a fissure in the ocean. Still Rastakhan dismissed Zul. Months later he had another vision of earthquakes and tidal waves assaulting Zandalar the golden capital sinking beneath the ocean it's once proud people drowning. Rastakhan tiring of his Prophet granted Zul his largest ships so his followers could find a new land if the visions came to pass. And these visions DID come to pass. When Deathwing arose from the Maelstrom dark angry waves crashed into the capital. The people turned to the King for help but had nothing to offer them but to turn to Zul. The Prophet had his mighty warfleet assembled while his King sat idle. Now what's left of the Zandalari sail on the Golden Fleet.
    • The first canonical use of the name happened in Battle for Azeroth.


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