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Goldspade's Journal

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  • Goldspade's Journal
  • Binds when picked up
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "A journal detailing the search for Gutrek's Cleaver."


Val Goldspade's journal is created by obtaining 5 Journal Pages found in Nagrand during N [100 Daily] Treasure Contract: Gutrek's Cleaver.


The journal is cobbled together from pieces you've found among the ogres. It details the exploits of a goblin treasure hunter by the name of Val Goldspade. You thumb through the journal to find entries relevant to your search:

First Entry:

"After a liberal application of roasted clefthoof and Sailor Zazzuk's rum, I've finally been able to coax some information about the Gutrek fella out of these ogres. Apparently, he was some big shot gladiator way back when, and the bosses didn't like that because he never stopped winning. So they did what any good businessman would do - they poisoned him before a big fight."

"Even poisoned, the guy wasn't a pushover and took out several ogres before he fell. They thought they had taken care of him, but I guess death wasn't enough to put him down. Before they knew it, his spirit would show up at matches and kill off all the fighters, ruining a lot of bets in the process.

"So the ogres called in one of their shaman to sort the spirit out. Turns out the spirit of Gutrek was trapped up in his weapon, which they kept on display at the arena. At the recommendation of the shaman, the ogres took the weapon to some secret place, broke it down into pieces, and scattered the pieces throughout Nagrand."

"Nobody seems to know where the pieces are now, or what someone would need to do to get them back together, but if this thing is as powerful as they say I smell big profts!"

Second Entry:

"Last night I managed to "borrow" some of the writings from the shaman who helped quell the spirit of Gutrek. I didn't have it for long, but I was able to jot down some notes about the location of the pieces of his weapon:

"The pommel was brought to the Broken Precipice, where it was to be housed in the skull of Gutrek's first kill. It looks like it was some manner of large beast that he fought in the big bone pit."

"The hilt was to be buried in the marshlands, among the serpents whose poison claimed Gutrek's life. There's something there about covering it with a spiral stone, which is supposed to keep the spirit at bay somehow.

"The final piece, Gutrek's blade, was to be displayed in a place of honor for all time overlooking the Ring of Blood. I don't think I've seen it there myself, but it says it's supposed to be somewhere where it has a clear view of every battle.

"Still no mention of how it was dismantled or how it can be remade, though..."

Third Entry:

"I'm convinced that the secret location where the ogres broke down Gutrek's Cleaver is the key to remaking it from the pieces. Otherwise, why wouldn't they just break it down like any other weapon?

"Unfortunately, nobody's quite sure where this place is, only that it's called the Spirit Forge and that it was overrun by gronn some time ago. Maybe it's somewhere in the gorge? There sure are a lot of gronn there"[sic]

This is the last entry of the journal you were able to recover.

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