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Image of Golganarr
Race Colossus (Elemental)
Level 93 Rare Elite
Health 218,068,496
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Red Stone Run, Timeless Isle [62, 63]
Status Killable

Golganarr is a rare colossus found in the Red Stone Run of Timeless Isle. Unlike most of the other "rare" mobs on the isle, Golganarr's spawn timer is in the 12-24 hour range, and is not affected by killing the non-rare colossi in the area.


  • Boulder 10-40 yd range — Hurls a massive boulder, dealing 462,500 to 537,500 Physical damage within 8 yards and knocking them down. 2.15 sec cast
  • Frenzy — The giant stomps around for 10 sec, and then must rest. 2.58 sec cast. Chain-casts...
    • Stomp — Stomps the ground, dealing 555,000 to 645,000 Physical damage to enemies within 10 yards of the impact and stuns them briefly. 1.72 sec cast
    • Exhaustion — Stunned Instant. Applied once Frenzy wears off. 10 sec duration.

Notable loot

To check whether Golganarr has been looted today, copy and paste this command into the chat window:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(33315))

If a "true" appears in the chat window, Golganarr has been looted today; "false" indicates the opposite.


The eons have awakened me.


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