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Not to be confused with Gon.
Image of Gonk
Title The Great Hunter[1]
Lord of the Pack[2]
Loa of the Hunt[2]
Gender Male
Race Loa
Location Zandalar
Status Alive
Relative(s) Child of Gonk (offspring)

Gonk, the Great Hunter, is the ancient raptor loa of shapes[3] and master of the hunt.[3] The Darkspear trolls heard many of the Zandalari's tales about Gonk.[1] He taught both tribes how to be druids, and the Zandalari druids serve him as the Raptari. Gonk's high priest is Wardruid Loti. The followers of Gonk and Pa'ku do not get along, ever since their respective high priests, Loti and Raal, got divorced.[4]


Gonk taught the Darkspear tribe how to contact the loa in a different way than they had before, thus allowing them to serve all the nature spirits at the same time instead of only one at a time as they used to do as loa priests (witch doctors). The other loa, such as Shirvallah, were against this but Gonk forced their hands in order to defeat Zalazane, who had trapped several loa inside the Emerald Dream. Through this method they became druids, though the other loa are not happy about it and want the trolls to continue worshiping them one at a time.[1]

Unlike the Darkspear druids, Gonk did not just speak to the Zandalari. For his Raptari, Gonk is not just a fragment or piece of him, but physically there, a real voice they can listen to in person.[4]

When the Atal'zul began their uprising against Rastakhan, Loti hurried to save Gonk only to find that Gonk had already slain the attackers who sought to kill him and drain his power.[5] When the time came to hunt Zul, Gonk was among the army that King Rastakhan gathered. He was tasked to lead his followers to the Temple of the Prophet and slay any foes he found.[6]


Quest:Gonk, Lord of the Pack

Ah, a <class> walks in my den. Tell me little <race>, have you come to bargain?

Long ago I decided to let my followers choose any loa to follow. But for a boon, well, for that I require you to be a symbol of my power to the people of Zuldazar.

If you wish for my boon, return to the steps of Dazar'alor, and raise a shrine to me worthy of the gods.

Do this, and I shall consider you one of my pack. Do we have a bargain?

Notes & trivia

  • Gonk is described by Zen'tabra as not caring much for his fellow loa, teasing them as they taught the first Darkspear druids.[1]
  • Gonk's name may be a reference to the manga and video game dinosaur character Gon.
  • Gonk could also be named after the player Gonktarget, an orc hunter of Ion Hazzikostas's guild "Elitist Jerks" who frequently posts on their forums. Gonktarget has been very outspoken about his hatred of druids for years. Naming the NPC who is responsible for the creation of troll druids Gonk could be an example of Blizzard poking some fun at a member of their player base.

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