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Goodsteel Ledger

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Goodsteel Ledger.jpg


The Goodsteel Ledger is located in Searing Gorge. [65.5, 62.3]

As a quest objective

This item is an objective for the quest N [46] Ledger from Tanaris.


Goodsteel Ledger

Greetings and Salutations, Adventurers!

I, Krinkle Goodsteel, have need of those willing to put themselves at risk in order to complete some of my most arduous tasks. Because of my many duties and the workload I've managed to take upon myself, I ensure that anyone brave enough to complete this list of items and return them to me intact will be paid handsomely.

The list is contained on the following pages...

Solid Crystal Leg Shafts -

The Glassweb spiders of Searing Gorge are made of an incredible crystal-like material. Their legs, if not damaged when they're killed, make for a wonderful conductor in some of my companions' engineering experiments.

I will need a number of them to test upon. The spiders having eight possible legs themselves should be no problem for a stalwart warrior or practiced mage.

An  [Overdue Package] -

I hired someone who I thought was a reliable pilot to bring me a package from Theramore. I was apparently wrong. And even though the pilot lived to tell the tale, he left his entire zeppelin and all of its cargo behind to save his own neck.

Well, I need that package back. From what Beezil tells me, he crashed just west of the bay in Dustwallow Marsh. It went down just after he crossed the hills along the water's edge.

Hmmm... never did tell me what caused him to crash...

 [Goodsteel's Balanced Flameberge] -

Finally, I want one of my finest works of blacksmithing to date. This flameberge was an incredible sword that I bestowed upon what I thought was a very honorable and great warrior. Well, he was trounced by a murloc named Jarquai? Something like that.

It was while he was traveling along the coast of the Swamp of Sorrows when he thought to attack the creature. He failed and apparently fled, but not before leaving the weapon behind for this murloc to take.

Find me these items and return to Gadgetzan with them all, along with this ledger, and I will reward you.

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