Gorefang (Silverpine Forest)

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Image of Gorefang
Race Worg (Beast)
Level 10 Rare
Location Silverpine Forest
Pet family Wolf

Gorefang is a level 10 rare mob worg sometimes spotted near and around the Dead Field of Silverpine Forest. It is characterized by its grey and white pelt, a unique trait among the more commonly seen black worgs that inhabit the forest.


This mob spawns every 36 hours just North of The Dead Field, located on the left side of the main road and directly across from Lordamere Lake. The times for spawning are around 6:00 / 6:30 pm CST one day and 6:00 / 6:30 am CST 36 hours later.

The Shattering

Since the Shattering has taken place, Gorefang has been turned into a level 10 rare mob. It also appears, that either his respawntimer has been reduced significantly or that he can appear at two places at once (much like Dr. Whitherlimb in the Ghostlands). He can now be found roaming the lands around the Forsaken High Command.

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