Gorkun Ironskull

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HordeGorkun Ironskull
Image of Gorkun Ironskull
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 80 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Pit of Saron, Icecrown Citadel
Status Deceased (killed by Sindragosa)

Gorkun Ironskull can be found in the Pit of Saron of Icecrown Citadel as a slave. After the defeat of Forgemaster Garfrost, he leads the Horde army to fight Scourgelord Tyrannus. After Tyrannus is killed Gorkun begins a speech about his debt to the adventurers who freed him and how nothing can beat the Horde and Alliance when they set aside by their difference only to killed by Sindragosa before he can finish.

His Alliance counterpart is Martin Victus.


  1. H [80D] The Path to the Citadel Activequest
  2. H [80D] Deliverance from the Pit Availablequest


Gorkun's final moments...
  • I'll gather up the rest of slaves and get them ready to fight. We'll catch up with you before you engage Scourgelord Tyrannus.
  • We'll make use of these supplies to get everyone ready for a fight.
    Continue on. We'll meet you ahead.
Before he is killed by Sindragosa
  • Brave champions, we owe you our lives, our freedom.... Though it be a tiny gesture in the face of this enormous debt, I pledge that from this day forth, all will know of your deeds, and the blazing path of light you cut through the shadow of this dark citadel.
  • This day will stand as a testament not only to your valor, but to the fact that no foe, not even the Lich King himself, can stand when Alliance and Horde set aside their differences and---



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