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Gothic Plate Armor

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Random enchantments

Item Suffix Stats Bonus
of the Whale +13-14 Stamina, +13-14 Spirit
of Holy Wrath +30-31 Holy Spell Damage
of the Boar +13-14 Strength, +13-14 Spirit
of the Eagle +13-14 Intellect, +13-14 Stamina
of Stamina +21-22 Stamina
of Power +42-44 Attack Power
of the Bear +13-14 Stamina, +13-14 Strength
of the Gorilla +13-14 Intellect, +13-14 Strength
of the Tiger +13-14 Strength, +13-14 Agility
of Strength +21-22 Strength
of the Monkey +13-14 Stamina, +13-14 Agility


Many base armor types from Diablo II are referenced in WoW BoE sets, such as Archon Chestpiece, Serpentskin Armor, Embossed Plate Armor, Field Plate Armor, Gothic Plate Armor.[1]


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