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NeutralGourmet Kafa
Kafa'goot "Deposit" marked

88 (Requires 87)





Kafa'goot "Deposit"

Mark 10 Kafa'goot "Deposits" on Kota Peak.

  • Kafa'goot "Deposit" Marked x15


It was genius: kafa berries go in the goot, seeds come out.

Kafa'kota is already rare and worth a fortune, but my invention—Kafa'goot—is GOURMET.

But it's over now. Uncle is upset and peak is a muss. All thats left is to collect the rest of the Kafa'goot and never make it again.

I won't ask you to gather it—kind of a mussy task, not fit for hero—just mark it so I can find it easily when the mountain is safe again.


You will receive:  [Keenbean Kafa] and 10g 60s


On the bright side, Uncle Keenbean can label the last batch of Kafa'goot as "Limited Release" and sell it for even more!


Great, I'll get up there and... harvest them soon.

<Cousin Gootfur begins wrapping long strips of linen around his hands.>

Can't believe I thought this was a good idea.


  • 162000 XP


Pick up N [88] Kota Blend, Trouble Brewing, and N [88] Shut it Down before heading out.

Keenbean will provide one  [Kafa'kota Berry] on accept, so feel free to sample it.

The path up the mountain starts inside the basecamp to the southwest, marked by waving red flags. Start killing goats, marking "deposits", snagging berry bushes (in bunches of 6-11), and moving further uphill. Keep an eye out for the cave and start killing yeti. Bunches of berries are all over the cave, so don't panic if not many are found outside. Kota Blend will complete automatically as soon as at least 100 berries are in adventurers' bags at one time. Don't turn in the followup, N [88] A Fair Trade, until the other three quests are done, as A Fair Trade will drop players off at the base of the mountain on complete.


  1. N [88] Kota Blend
  2. N [88] A Fair Trade
  3. N [88] The Burlap Grind
  4. N [88 Daily] The Burlap Grind

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