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Race Loa (Beast)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Atal'Gral, Zuldazar

Gral is a shark loa worshiped by the Zandalari, located at Atal'Gral in Zuldazar. He is wise and takes a long view on things. The deep ocean is his realm and the darkest ocean is his domain.[1] Gral is quite powerful and when it comes to his knowledge of the sea, none can compare.[2] He watches over every voyage.[3]


Five years before the war in Zandalar, the naga tore down Gral's temple Atal'Gral and killed every last one of his followers. Gral was furious and anyone near the water could feel his pain as each follower fell. There was talk by the Zandalari of rebuilding the temple, but with Gral either missing or weak, it remained just talk.[4]

The naga would return years later seeking secrets at the ruins of Atal'Gral, and Gral was awakened to combat them. Gral knew that the naga were dealing with darkness they could not comprehend and would soon become nothing more than a hollow tool to those who may answer. He could feel it beneath and around him, and so awakened from his slumber in order to defeat their local leader Summoner Siavass.[5] Gral knew that Queen Azshara reached into a dark place from where she could not return, and vowed to tear her apart himself when the time came in revenge for his followers.[6]

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