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Grand Anchorite Almonen (alternate universe)

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For the character from the main universe, see Grand Anchorite Almonen.
NeutralGrand Anchorite Almonen
Image of Grand Anchorite Almonen
Gender Male
Race Lightforged draenei (Humanoid)
Level 120 Elite
Class Priest
Health 2,161,500
Mana 295,105
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Lightbound
Occupation Anchorite
Location Gorgrond
Status Alive

Grand Anchorite Almonen is the Grand Anchorite of the Lightbound and serves High Exarch Yrel. He is, strangely, listed as friendly.

He can be found within what is supposedly Deadgrin, converting four Mag'har orcs. When he has completed his sermon, the four orcs leave with the anchorite willingly.


In accordance with my divine calling, I must share these revealed truths to all who would hear.
It has been made known to me that inside each of us, the Light resides...
...that it is a gift, given freely to all naturally born beings.
It manifests itself as a feeling, small at first and easily ignored, that confirms truths and subtly prods one to do good.
Simple kindnesses, charitable deeds, service to those in need. These are all fruits of the Light.
It rewards those who heed its promptings with blessings, both seen and unseen.
Personal reservoirs of hope and faith are strengthened, and one's capacity for greater good increases.
Over the course of time, through obedience to the Light's guidance, one becomes more sensitive to its voice... and its power.
Great is the healing and blessing power of the Light's most diligent followers.
Sadly, there are those who wander through mortality in defiance of the Light.
From these the Light withdraws, until only darkness remains.
Where there is no Light, despair, loathing, and rage thrive.
We are born into a perilous age, where the forces of darkness are determined to bring about our destruction.
These are the times to find yourselves in unison with the Light.
Hear my words, and let the Light inside of you confirm the truth of them.
Embrace the Light that is in you, my friends! Deny yourself all darkness...
We must endure these trying times faithfully, and one day we will find ourselves victorious.
It falls upon us to usher in an age of peace, where the Light will reign.
By the naaru, may it be so.

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