Grand Empress Shek'zara

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Grand Empress Shek'zara
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Gender Female
Race Mantid
Occupation Grand empress of the mantid
Status Alive

Grand Empress Shek'zara, formerly Princess Zara, is the current empress of the mantid.[1] During the war in Pandaria, she was too young and weak to depose the sha-corrupted Grand Empress Shek'zeer in the traditional fashion, forcing the Klaxxi and their adventurer allies to kill Shek'zeer themselves.[2] By the time of Blood War, Shek'zara has ascended to empress. She is described as being "hotheaded and impulsive as mantid queens usually are", and has has mobilized most of her forces to search for Azerite.[1]


Preceded by:
Grand Empress Shek'zeer
Grand Empress of the Mantid
Succeeded by: